High blood pressure: this is hormonally-related diseases can plug

High blood pressure is a known risk factor for heart – and vascular diseases. Few know, however, what reasons can have a high blood pressure. Especially a cause is largely unknown.

  • Often the causes for hypertension are Concerned, is unclear.
  • Blood pressure is treatable, if it is the result of some other disease.
  • A largely unknown cause hormones.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the most common diseases. In Germany is affected according to the Robert Koch Institute, almost a third of adults. An OECD statistics, from the year 2015 shows: with regard to the use of blood pressure-lowering drugs, are the Germans far to the front. Because high blood pressure is in this country more often than the average for the 34 OECD member States.

The risk for hypertension increases with age. Also Stress, Obesity and nicotine consumption can cause the blood pressure in the amount.

Is a high blood pressure?

Increased values are found, Doctors first, whether there is a permanent high blood pressure. A single measurement is not enough, because the values fluctuate in the course of a day, and depending on the situation. A more reliable diagnosis provides a long-term measurement. Here, the Patient wears a device that records the blood pressure continuously over 24 hours.

A hypertension is present if the measured values are persistently higher than 140 mmHg (systolic blood pressure) or 90 mmHg (diastolic blood pressure). The measurement confirms the suspicion is clarified, the next question is:

What is the cause?

Experts distinguish between a primary, essential hypertension is not yet fully clarified the causes of a secondary hypertension. The latter is the result of some other disease. Then, it is important to find the cause. Because while the essential hypertension needs to be treated in the rule for a lifetime, can be cured in the secondary Form.

What complications are there?

Before Doctors will recommend a suitable therapy, you can also ask after the consequences of high blood pressure. Because if this is longer, it may have already caused damage, such as coronary heart disease, cardiac or renal insufficiency, abdominal aortic aneurysm and a stroke. Whether organ damage is present, it is important to target values for blood pressure therapy, a leading organ of progression to avoid injury and to treat complications in a targeted manner.

In order to avoid it, you must think of the Presence of secondary hypertension and the underlying disease can be found. In addition to kidney diseases and medications are usually disorders of hormone metabolism. A particularly common cause is a hormonally active, in the majority of cases, benign Tumor in the area of the gland adrenal gland or the pituitary.

Look more closely at a young age, and high blood pressure

Signs that you need to look more closely, a relatively young age of the patients 40 years and younger, as well as high blood pressure, which occurs suddenly and the medication barely control. In addition, Doctors and patients should be attentive, if no risk factors as a syndrome, or nicotine consumption are available, and when families are already cases of pressure and organ damage with early Occurrence of high blood known.

Most common cause of a hormonal hypertension of primary hyperaldosteronism is Conn’s syndrome. The disease is pronounced already, among other things, a low potassium level in connection with high blood pressure. Behind it, an adrenal tumor, which provides for increased production of the hormone aldosterone. Disrupts the salt-water balance of the body, increases blood pressure and leads to organ damage. Another Tumor that can cause hypertension, pheochromocytoma. It is usually located in the adrenal gland, produces adrenaline and noradrenaline. Signs of a seizure-wise Occurrence of palpitations, sweating and headaches. In the blood an increase in the concentration of the degradation products of adrenaline and noradrenaline show.

Cushing’s syndrome and acromegaly: causes of hormonal hypertension

It comes to gain weight within a few months, especially in the abdomen and facial area in conjunction with high blood pressure can be a Cushing’s syndrome. A Tumor of the pituitary gland or the adrenal glands an Overproduction of the hormone Cortisol, stimulates, and brings the metabolism out of balance. Affected develop therefore quickly, a Diabetes or osteoporosis. Common symptoms are muscle weakness, changes and mood swings skin.

A Tumor in the pituitary gland causes that increasingly, growth hormone is secreted, it is called acromegaly. In addition to the increased blood pressure the symptoms in the adult, abnormal growth of the Acral parts, such as nose and chin, excessive sweating, and headache. Often a Diabetes. Many patients are only diagnosed when attentive Doctors to notice a sleep apnea syndrome or changes in the jaw area.

Hormones are also essential hypertension is important

A new study shows that hormones play in patients with essential hypertension a role: nearly 30 percent of the Concerned, there was exposure to an excessive release of aldosterone may be genetically determined. These patients are in the blood pressure therapy very well to medications that block the effect of aldosterone.

Many hormonal causes of hypertension – some of these are hereditary, are now known. The challenge is to make the correct diagnosis. Patients with suspected secondary hypertension should be in a specialized endocrinological center treat. There the Doctors have the necessary experience, in order to detect rare hormone disorders and treat it.

In case of doubt the doctor may refer first to a established of specialist in endocrinology. To find the hormone-producing Tumor, are often time-consuming Tests and imaging studies are necessary. But then, an endocrine surgeon or a specialized neuro can remove surgeon in many cases. Often the condition improves after a sudden and the blood pressure may normalize completely.

As the Director of the clinic for endocrinology and metabolic diseases at the University hospital of Essen Dagmar leaders with important questions around the topic of hormones. It is thyroid also chair of the thyroid cancer of the network of the European thyroid society and spokesperson of the DFG-priority program.