How 12 Women Realised Their Partner Was Emotionally Manipulative

Here, 12 women who initially didn’t realise their relationship was toxic, share the moment they knew enough was enough.

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1. “I was asking a couple of friends for advice about an issue in the relationship and they were both in shock when I explained the situation and some of the things that led to it. They helped me realise just how much the guy had warped my thinking for me to even entertain that he was in the right, let alone almost believe it.” [via]

2. “When people close to him told him in front of me that he needed to treat me better.” [via]

3. “I was having a lot of issues trusting people. They wouldn’t even need to do anything to make me distrust them necessarily, I was constantly paranoid about getting hurt or lied to.” [via]

4. “Going to therapy because I was sad and anxious all the time. Eventually my therapist pointed out that even the mention of my then-boyfriend seemed to really upset me and encouraged me think about why that was.” [via]

8. “When he convinced me I had to go to therapy for my emotional issues, only for my therapist to tell me he was the problem.” [via]

9. “When I was always crying, yet it was always my fault.” [via]

10. “When he admitted without hesitation that he had said things to me with the intention of hurting me.” [via]

11. “I started hiding details of the way he treated me from my friends because I didn’t want to ruin his image. And, I knew my friends would see it as a red flag and urge me to leave him.” [via]

12. “My friends when I broke down at the thought of going home again. They told me that wasn’t normal and that I needed to get out. I’m so glad I listened.” [via]

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