I was never the Botox Boy: Werner Mang about wrinkles in old age and interventions, which he regrets today

Professor Mang, in Germany, people go with an average of 62 years in retirement. Today they are celebrating their 70. Birthday. Have you thought of ever quitting?

I won’t give anything on the numerical age. What matters is the biological age. It is also in the head, and because I feel like the beginning of 50. I gave had a happy Childhood, proper genes to get, always 110 percent. My profession is fun for me. That’s why I don’t think even in retirement. Because it is to me very strange to the word.

But you think for once in ten years. Do you want to stand with 80 still on the OP table?

I have set myself no time limit. Work keeps me stable, physically as well as mentally. That is to say: Yes, I’ll go with 80 as well, unless I’m fit. I hope that I have inherited the genes of my mom. She is asleep with 94 peacefully at home after Breakfast.

But what your patients have to say?

The say today: “For God’s sake, Professor, I hope you’re still operating for the next ten years and go to us is not lost.” This is so sweet.

To go into retirement, it means, in most cases, to financially restrict. They love the luxury. It is what makes them afraid?

Through my career I have gained a wealth I would never have dreamt. I have achieved everything. Also my children are properly educated and have a good job – my daughter has a PhD in Communication studies, my son, graduate architect in Munich, Germany. The money I don’t think at all. Money makes not happy.

Werner Mang was born in 1949 in Ulm, Germany and grew up in Lindau, on lake Constance. He studied medicine in Munich and enjoyed an internship at the Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro. It’s, doctorate and specialist recognition with the focus of plastic surgery followed. In 1982, he worked as a senior physician at the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich. Mang was for many years President of the self-founded German society for Aesthetic medicine. In 1988 obtaining the professorship. A year later, he founded the Bodensee clinic in Lindau with four beds. In 2003, the Re-opening of the enlarged hospital, which is now halls of 40 beds and four operation followed. Werner Mang is known for his luxurious lifestyle and surrounds himself with a lot of celebrities, both national and international.

A round birthday is a good time to pause and look back. What do you estimate: How many interventions have you done in total?

At 20,000, I have stopped counting.

And for you yourself? You think when you look in the mirror sometimes: Here, you could tighten easily spraying, there is something?

Of course, the skin flaccid, the muscles and the hair becomes thinner. The kids overtake me when skiing, also to the dentist I need to more often. The age I find not nice. But I’m trying to counteract. The most Important thing is: get out of bed in the Morning! I get up every day at half past 7 and I am into sports. Activity keeps you young, Brooding old makes. But as long as I can still play Tennis, it’s all good.

Would you do something?

As long as I’m fit, don’t put me under the knife. I’m an anxious person, a hypochondriac. I can master any stressful situation, but disease… Until now, I was not sick, lucky. But if it pinches me somewhere, I think the same: ‘Oh, God, oh, God, this is bad’. I can’t deal with it.

But if you had the choice?

If I see myself sometimes in the television, maybe the droopy eyelids and eye bags. I may go with 75 to my doctor and get a vasectomy. But like I said: I’m a scaredy-cat.

In the past, they have reconstructed a young man to Brad Pitt…

…he looked better than Brad Pitt…

You will not regret this intervention today?

As a young senior doctor, I have explored the borders of the facial surgery. A patient I operated to Pamela Andersen. She looked like at the end is really almost like you. The sins of one’s youth. In the aesthetic plastic surgery, a lot is possible, but I’m very cautious. I warn explicitly against the obsession with beauty. It 14-Year-olds who want to look like YouTube-Stars: pouts, Mega-Boobs or a Butt like Kim Kardashian in the meantime. I always say: You have to be able to leave on a Po, not a champagne glass. These are not my beauty ideal.


There is clearly a Trend “back to the roots” – back to naturalness. Come to me people from America, who want to look normal: lip reduction, a normal nose, but not too doll-like. In the case of my Russian patients the different, the want to mega”, mega”. But in Europe, the Trend is clearly in the direction of “organic”. I say slowly green beauty surgery.

When not to operate?

I was never the Botox-Boy. A rigid facial Expressions and pouts I think is bad. Under 18-Year-old chic I basically way. You should leave no Ribs cut out to get a waist like Victoria Beckham. Or Mega-implants over 500 grams can be used, which later leads to pain and discomfort. With a Facelift, no marriage can be save. Then, prefer to search for a new Partner. These requests I decline. I want to get to the people, of course, wants him to harmonize. That is the true aesthetic surgery.

In Düsseldorf, a woman recently died after a Butt enlargement. You make this kind of interventions in your clinic on lake Constance?

We are against Fat injections in the Butt. To thrombosis the can and embolism lead to potentially fatal complications. Many people think aesthetic surgery is a kind of soft Beauty medicine. But the operations like any others are also, and in large hospitals with Surveillance, anaesthetists, intensive-medical Monitoring.

And Butt Implants?

Also, we reject, because you can slip. It must hurt when you sit on a toilet.

Sounds almost like you would send away for every second patient.

No, not that, but about every tenth. What we operate on, patients from 18 years of age with visible defects. The hump-have a Long nose or a receding chin, and that’s why no Partner to get. Or girls that have inherited from the grandmother of a riders pants, top dress size 36 to wear and feels a 42. The fat you can vacuum under high security measures. Then these girls put on a swimsuit, go to the swimming pool and are happy.

Suppose you could choose a Celebrity: Who would you like to have under the knife?

Jack Nicholson is the best actor ever. He makes Yes, unfortunately, no more movies, but would I would like to recover as in the case of “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest”. A few of the Details, hair, cheeks lifting…

A respected colleague of yours, Artur Worseg, recently stated in a sternInterview, that the Problem of many patients is not her appearance but her soul. In his practice, many narcissists, of people comes with Borderline. Have you had similar experiences?

Yes, of course. You have to be more of a psychologist than a surgeon, if you do this job. Many patients have mental disorders, I need to filter out, because I can’t do this alone by the OP happy. In my clinic of a psychologist, we are then to Rate. We carry on a loving conversation and a way to send these patients in the terminal.

How do you explain to a pubescent girl, that you will not remove the hump on your nose?

In the case of young people, I have a certain Guru-function. I think it’s beautiful. I say to you: ‘man, do your school. You’re good-looking.’ Then you say: ‘Yes, well, when Mang says this, then, is the votes.’

Psychologist – would have been nothing for you?

No, no, no. I am a creative person. For me, something must arise. And the relapse rate in psychiatry would burden me mentally. If I operate a hook nose, is brought up in a hour okay. The treatment outcome is not predictable.

This is so? Beauty-OPs can also be used for Searches. After the Breasts, a lift is a must, the thighs, the lips…

You must also be able to say no. Patients come again and again, I reject. Similarly, if no defect exists. From beautiful natural Breasts I make Breasts not that big. I don’t have today the pressure to operate to earn money.

There is a patient that is left to them in a special memory?

Yes, Marc-David Jung. As a four year old he was at the air show in Ramstein and has suffered severe burns. I have reconstructed his face in ten sessions. He later finished high school, studied, got married. In my profession it is rare to accompany a patient from early Childhood. This is, of course, be fulfilled to inject than Botox. At the lake Constance clinic, about half of all procedures are reconstructive dentistry, we operate on people after accidents, reconstruct Breasts diseases to breast cancer. We make the whole spectrum, but the press is interested only for the Aesthetics.

You just may discover the Asian market – with a kind of Standard-nose. You may not become the German clientele too boring?

In other words: The Asian market is currently very exciting. A Billion-Dollar Market. You can’t even imagine what is happening over there in the hospitals in Shanghai. Asians have no nose bone, and we have developed a method, with the nose in half an hour under local anesthesia build.

Critics accuse them of, they would umoperieren the patients and how Europeans look.

No, the desire comes naturally from the patient. I don’t want anybody to change, but attempts to fulfill the desire for a certain Aesthetic. Four Chinese Doctors I’ve formed already. Who makes a 70? To fly to Shanghai to Doctors to train? Most of the chief doctors of my age are in Tuscany, drink red wine and play Golf. I tried that once. Eight days long. Then I got sick.

Seriously ill?

Have heart rhythm get disorders. But now everything is good again. I must always stay in motion.

On the Internet there is a kind of counter-movement to the obsession with beauty. More and more people today to your small stains, dents, pounds. “Body Positivity” is the name of the. What do you think?

That is a good thing. And if one wants to optimize time, then prefer a Jogging suit in C&A buy and do sports instead of running to the plastic surgeon. The most you can do yourself. The Rest of the surgeon will help then.

Don’t be afraid to have soon no more orders, if you say something like that?

No, why? I am speaking against my own trade, but I think in today’s time, you have to be critical and transparent. Through the Internet, many Trends are coming up, which are exaggerated. I warn against it.

Your clinic will run good anyway?

The Trend is unbroken. We have a year to wait. I have to wonder sometimes – despite the recession! Because patients forgo a holiday or a new kitchen, and instead prefer the nose make.

There were also other times. By a mirror-2011 report came out that you let a doctor without a license to practice medicine in had the surgery. You intentional the body has been accused of infringement. Your clinic has accepted a criminal warrant. How much does that bother you in hindsight?

In retrospect, I’m not more annoyed. At the time, I only made a mistake, and not the witness examined. From such a low-you have to learn layers, if you want to stay on top. So it has been with us. The lake Constance clinic continues to be a trademark.

What have you learned from this defeat?

I became more cautious, and I hired a chief of staff. Ultimately, no one is hurt in the process.

Critics claim that her Image has nevertheless gotten a scratch.

I’m proud of what I have achieved. I built in Lindau, a small Empire, and let’s not forget that I have written a successful Textbook: the manual of cosmetic surgery. It is translated in many languages. I am proud that I managed that. Not in Berlin, Hamburg or New York – but in Lindau on lake Constance.

They are known to represent traditional values. In a previous starInterview you about the role of men and women have spoken. They stated at that time, women were more likely to be for the Domestic jurisdiction; Men for the profession. You are thinking today still?

The powers have shifted in the last few years. Women today work more in positions where you want a flawless look, for example, Doctors or politicians. On the other hand, more and more men for personal reasons, to come to me. You have younger Girlfriends and want to look good. It used to be different.

But I asked you about your personal opinion. What do you think, for example, about the women’s quota?

Personally, I think women are the stronger sex. Men are becoming weaker, women are always stronger. The regulated but wonderful. We need no quota for women more. I think we need soon is more of a men’s quota.

The reality is different. On the boards of many companies, almost exclusively men are sitting still.

The controls themselves still. I see in my clinic: Here, 90 percent of women work fast, even Doctors. Unfortunately, all childless. I find that sad.

What is it?

To the profession itself. The specialist training is long – finished with a middle and an end 30. The right Partner might be missing. Not so nice.

They had proclaimed 2015 the public to want to go into politics. You wanted to be a candidate for the FDP. Since then we have heard nothing more of your plans. When can we select for now?

Guido Westerwelle was a good friend of mine. I was often with him skiing. He wanted me to go for the FDP in the Bundestag. It was a concrete, serious negotiations. But the Whole thing was so time-consuming that I have to neglect it would be my life’s work here in Lindau. The project is on ice. My clinic is my Baby. Also, I would have not become a good politician.

How come you say that?

I too impulsive, too quick-tempered and honest. Impatient I am, on top of that. Among politicians, there are often endless discussions and at the end nothing comes out of it. There will forever rumgemauschelt.

What values have you taught your children?

Important a good education is and what you have in your head. I am become through my work, although over-rich, but the wealth goes on. And then: stay on the ground, eat healthy, play sports, be successful in the job. And trying to argue as little as possible. The External is of secondary importance.

A surprising statement for a plastic surgeon. Would you operate on your children for a change?

I already did. As a child, my son flew on the fireplace and has scalped – my worst OP. My daughter has torn down while rocking the ear. I have sewn again, and it was also great Stress. And today? If you want an OP, I would do it myself. Or my successor, doctor Altman. It is good to have in the age of someone at his side, representing the Mang-school so that I can rely on it.

They were formerly known to live very long-winded: To flying events you like with a private helicopter. Such a life style is in the face of the climate crisis at all still acceptable?

Cross, I liked trips never. I would describe myself as environmentally conscious people. I am much in nature, like Hiking, only eat organic meat. Environmental protection starts with a shopping basket instead of plastic bags, vegetables instead of meat, coffee filter instead of aluminium capsules.

And your classic car?

I move hardly and will now require an e-Golf. Fly, I shall confine only to the Essentials. If I could change something, then it would be to increase the fares and rail travel to make it convenient. The VAT has to go.

When you have gone since the last Time track?

I must confess that I gave up the railway to the last. All the delays, the missed connecting trains! The railway structure in Germany is bad and urgently needs to be brought back into. In Switzerland, the train makes travel fun. Because the trains come every few minutes, without delays.

How are you currently from A to B?

I’m a car person. But now the ICE line Munich-Lindau coming soon, there I am, of course, with the ICE. It is much more convenient and faster. I recently bought an E-Bike, so I don’t have to descend the mountain. These are things that come with age.

You describe yourself as a Workaholic. What remains when you retire?

First of all, the international recognition and my textbooks. The town of Lindau is dedicated to me for 70. Birthday of Professor Mang-Platz. This is nice, isn’t she? Also, the will remain. And the tribute. Then, of course, the houses in my Foundation. I am the restorer from the lake of Constance and bought on the island of Lindau, many of the old houses and renovated. The clinic, which will be continued..

I was thinking of you. What do you do with all the spare time?

If I stop time?


I don’t suppose that I will stop at all. You have to carry me out of the OP.

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