In the cooling truck in which the dead are stored: star Reporter reports in front of New York hospital

We are here in Queens, in New York, the Elmhurst Hospital Center, the epicenter of the epicenter, if you will. There are more than 35 000 cases in the state of New York, more than 300 Dead, more than in the whole of Germany. And Elmhurst is here in the center. In this hospital behind me almost all the beds are already all 545 beds topped with Covid-19 patients. All others will be rejected.

Hour long Wait for a Covid-19 Test

You see the queue behind me. These are people who have been waiting for hours to be tested in the tents there behind it. These snakes this Morning was very much longer. The ICU is completely overcrowded, and Doctors reports of chaotic conditions. There is a lack of Material, ventilation devices, masks, and similar things. The 1,800 intensive care beds in New York will be tomorrow probably occupied all of them. That’s why the city is dependent on outside help, including from the Army Core of Engineers and Fema. These are the Points to make the field hospitals ready.

More tragic stories will come

I have spoken with some people, especially immigrants, including, for example, Oscar, a 62-Year-old, who has just been tested positive effect and the result of his wife was waiting. So, in quarantine issued must. Especially tragic: He has already lost his Job. Also his wife as a cleaning lady lost her Job. And now, you can not hope for state support, because they are in the country illegally. What is referred to as illegal. These are the tragic stories, of which you will now hear here very, very much. On the side here, I just saw a refrigeration truck, where the dead are stored and then transported away. As bad as the States for the most part. This is not, however, apply to all hospitals in New York city. You have to be careful. So dramatic, the Situation is not yet.

The snake here on Monday was very much longer, and in this respect, the hope of Governor Andrew Cuomo and mayor Bill de Blasio is that possibly the Situation is improving now easy. But for the foreseeable future, New York is certainly the epicenter within the epicenter of this pandemic.