Just when protection from the sun save! The cheapest sunscreen is the best

In your sun cream-Test, Stiftung Warentest examined 19 sun creams. The results are promising, not only sun lotion is like. The winner of the test is as in the previous year, a discount product, the cheapest in the Test.

  • The experts from Stiftung Warentest examined 19 sun creams.
  • The cheap sun lotions convince the sunscreen Test.
  • 19 sun creams no like.

In the sun cream-Test of Stiftung Warentest products were represented in every price class: from disco drugstores, perfumeries and pharmacies, discount stores,. A total of 19 creams, Gels and sun sprays with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or 50 has taken the consumer protection organisation under the magnifying glass.

The results show that a good sunscreen does not have to be expensive. As in the previous year, the cheap sun lotions from discount stores and drugstores make the race in the sun cream-Test of a consumer protection organization.

Results of sun cream-Tests of the Stiftung Warentest

The test winner among all the tested sun protection products:

  • “Ombra sun milk LSF 30” of Aldi-Nord

Also the grade of 1.4 as the winning product received:

  • “Ombia sun milk LSF 30” of Aldi Süd
  • “Sol sun spray LSF 30” of Real
  • “Sun ozone sun lotion Classic SPF 30” of Rossmann

A good sunscreen does not have to be expensive

The sun cream-the Test shows: A good sunscreen does not have to be expensive. Of EUR 1.20 per 100 ml of the test winner of the Aldi-Nord is the cheapest product among the tested sun protection products. It is not sticky and absorbs quickly.

For sensitive skin, a higher SPF is recommended

Those who have more sensitive skin and faster as the sun gets fire, you should use a higher sun protection factor. The products with SPF 50 sun milk is from the drugstore in the front:

  • “Sun Lotion sensitive” by Douglas

The detailed evaluation of the 19 sun creams you can find at Stiftung Warentest.

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The Foundation tests were test

The most important thing in a sunscreen of sun protection is, of course. He has often been positively assessed, shortcomings were identified in particular in the packaging. A total of 18 of the 19 tested sun creams received the grades “very good” or “good”. As the only sun protection products, the &quot received;Sun Care sun milk wasserfest" of Ream, the judgment "befriedigend". By like 2016 is in contrast to a single product.

The decisive criterion in the sun cream-Test of the Stiftung Warentest, the compliance with the sun protection factor is therefore. In addition, among other things, consistency, care, applicability, and packaging of the sun have been evaluated protection.

  • 15 questions about sun protection
  • First aid for sunburn
  • Foods that promote the skin’s own sun protection

The testers have been limited this year on sun lotions with sun protection factor of 30 and 50. By using the SPF is used to determine how long you can stay with a sunscreen in the sun without getting a sunburn. This varies depending on the type of skin depends on the self-protection time.

So bring your type of skin in the experience – along with tips for protection

Self-protection and light protection factor

The self-protection time is the time that you can expose his ungebräunte skin to the sun without burning. In the case of people with light skin and hair, it is usually only a few minutes, dark main types of are usually protected for longer.

A sun lotion with SPF 30 prolongs the self-protection factor of 30. So, if a Person with light skin type, an intrinsic protection time of approximately ten minutes, you are protected with a sun cream with SPF 30 for about 300 minutes (10×30). The lighter the skin type, or the longer you want to stay in the sun, the higher the SPF should be. Apply fresh sunscreen or go in the shade.

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