Keto diet works best for short duration

A ketogenic diet, where carbohydrates are avoided, and almost all of the calories from fat and protein, come, quickly leads to health benefits. After about a week, it is, however, also have negative effects, as researchers at the Medical faculty in New Haven, Connecticut, animal studies with mice found.

The results provide evidence that a ketogenic diet can reduce over a limited period of time, the risk for Diabetes and the infection rate by certain immune cells are activated, the so-called Gamma-Delta T cells: After a week of Keto diet mice showed a lower blood sugar level and less information on inflammation. The researchers observed but after a week adverse effects: If the mice more fat shots than you could burn, they lost the protective Gamma-Delta T-cells and developed &ndash ends; despite the first positive effects – Obesity, and Diabetes.

Further studies are nötig

By a ketogenic diet, fat burning is increased because the glucose level of the body decreases due to the low carbohydrate content of the diet as a famine condition. The fat loss provides ketone bodies to be used as an alternative fuel source. The consequence of this is that anti-inflammatory Gamma-Delta T-spread cells in the body.

By the results, the researchers now have a better understanding of what is happening in the body in a Keto diet and why diet, at least for a limited period of time health benefits it can bring. "Before such a diet can be prescribed, is, however, a large clinical study under controlled conditions is necessary to understand the mechanism of the metabolic and immunological benefits or possible damage for obese and pre-diabetic persons based on liegt", study leader Vishwa Deep Dixit is concerned.