Less skin cancer by Vitamin A

People, especially through the consumption of fruit and vegetables a lot of Vitamin A, had become ill, according to researchers at the Brown University in Rhode Island, a 17 percent lower risk of skin cancer. The researchers warn, however, before a Overdose through supplements.

Through the analysis of data from two large long-term observational studies, scientists have found that the squamous cell carcinoma of the skin, the second most common Form of skin cancer, rare in people that take a lot of Vitamin A with the food. They had divided the study participants according to intake of Vitamin A in groups of five. The comparison of individuals from the groups with the highest and the lowest intake showed that the likelihood for skin cancer in a high Vitamin A intake was 17 percent lower. The majority of the Vitamin A from the diet of the participants came from fruits and vegetables, not animal foods or Vitamin supplements.

"Our study is another reason to nehmen&quot in the context of a healthy diet, lots of fruits and vegetables to;, Eunyoung Cho, a Professor of dermatology and epidemiology said. "Skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, it is difficult to prevent. This study suggests, however, that a healthy, Vitamin A-rich diet in addition to the Application of sun protection products and reduced sun exposure, can help to minimize the risk."

Include plant-based Vitamin A sources carrots, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, apricots and Cantaloupe melons. Milk, some species of fish and liver are rich in animal-based Vitamin A. Cho pointed out, however, that too much Vitamin A, particularly from supplements and animal sources – Nausea, liver toxicity, increased osteoporosis and hip fracture, can lead to risk and birth defects. The side effects of a high content of plant Vitamin A are minimal.