Lower blood pressure with Hot Yoga?

The a want the trend sports "Hot Yoga" neat, the other sweating in the heat, the climate of India, where Yoga has its origin. According to a small study, the results at a meeting of the American Heart Association mix were presented, you’re in Hot Yoga not only sweat, but also lowers blood pressure.

Ten men and women between the ages of 20 and 65 years of age with elevated blood pressure with no medication and for at least half a year and have not exercised, sweated for the study, the Hot Yoga, which is carried out at about 40 degrees room temperature. After three months, each with three yoga sessions per week, the systolic blood pressure had fallen by an average of 126 mmHg at the start to 121 mmHg and the average diastolic blood pressure of 82 mmHg to 79 mmHg. In five adults in the control group who had not undergone Hot-Yoga sessions, did not change the blood pressure. Also the self-perceived stress levels decreased among the participants in the Hot Yoga group, but not in the control group.

Dr. Stacy Hunter, assistant Professor and head of the laboratory of cardiovascular physiology at Texas State University in San Marcos, said: "The results of our study show that Hot Yoga could be suitable to lower blood pressure without medication. There is a need for larger studies before we can say with certainty that Hot Yoga has a positive effect on blood pressure."

Hot Yoga is becoming more and more popular, and even Vinyasa or Power Yoga are offered in heated Studios. Hunter points out that it is important to take safety measures: adults participating in Hot Yoga courses, should have had enough to drink, during the course, drink water, dress appropriately, don’t overdo it and the signs and symptoms of heat stroke be aware of.


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