Millions of Germans suffer unknowingly to Gastritis – as you’ll see

Stomach problems with burning abdominal pain, bloating, and Nausea suggest gastric mucosa inflammation. Often, a Stomach bug is the cause, but not always. FOCUS Online shows what are the dangerous consequences of Gastritis and what are the modern therapies.

Actually, the gastric mucosa is well protected by the thick mucus, the specialized cells are constantly renewed. The acidic gastric juice or gastric acid, the digestive enzymes it contains, and in addition germs are destroyed, the mucous membrane will not attack. Before irritants from the food protects the mucous of the stomach.

Around a fifth of Germans have problems with the gastric mucosa

But sometimes this protection fails to function, the acid penetrates the stomach lining can inflame skin. About 23.3 percent of the women and 17.5 percent of men have a Gastritis, writes the Robert Koch Institute Federal health reporting (issue 55). It is quite a common illness.

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Acute and chronic Gastritis – these symptoms are typical

An inflammation of the stomach mucosa can occur suddenly. This acute Gastritis, with marked symptoms. In contrast, the signs of chronic Gastritis will develop only slowly over the next few weeks and are usually in a less pronounced manner.

The symptoms of inflammation of the stomach mucosa

  • Upper Abdominal Discomfort, Feeling Of Pressure
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Belching

Causes of acute Gastritis, often over-the-counter medications play a role

Various factors can cause damage to the mucous membrane, acute and lead to a sudden inflammation. “These are especially drugs such as selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs, i.e. Ibuprofen, and Diclofenac, as well as acetyl-containing drugs,” explains Dagmar Mainz, spokesperson for the professional Association of stomach is established and the intestine doctors (gastroenterologists). What is the least knowledge are likely to Also iron supplements can damage the gastric mucosa solid.

Another, although not quite as strong a risk factor is alcohol, also burns about by alkalis or acids – what happens, however rarely.

Chronic Gastritis – three reasons, three types of

Durable, will slow divided the skin inflammation of the gastric mucosa, depending on the cause in three different types:

1. Chronic Gastritis type A or autoimmune gastritis – in the case of this congenital autoimmune disease attacking the immune system mistakenly cells of the gastric mucosa, and forms and produces less stomach acid. In addition, the intake of Vitamin B-12 is reduced. Affected do not need to get life Vitamin B-12, injected, tablets to be enough. About five percent of patients with chronic Gastritis have this Form of inflammation of the stomach mucosa, the auto-immune gastritis.

2. Chronic Gastritis type B, or Helicobacter-pylori-Gastritis – it is with more than 80 percent the most common Form of chronic Gastritis. Cause is an infection with the stomach germ Helicobacter pylori, which settles in the gastric mucosa, the outwitted stomach acid and in this way unmolested to the mucous membrane damages skin. Almost every second adult in Germany is not burdened with this germ, many of them ill, however. “Of the children only three percent are infected, because the hygiene conditions have improved,” adds the gastro-intestinal doctor.

3. Chronic Gastritis type C, or chemically-induced Gastritis makes a good ten percent of the diseases from. Chemically is, in this case, the cause of medications that generally need to be permanently taken are. “These are the above-mentioned pain and Rheumatism, but it is also the ACE to the blood-thinning”, warns the expert.


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If ointments or suppositories to go to the stomach

Particularly important: “Even if these active substances, e.g. Diclofenac or Ibuprofen, can be used as an ointment or suppository, you can change the gastric mucosa and ignite”, is called a important Detail. From the practice, they reported that this connection is not often, the patients know, however, that the locally and externally used substances inhibit the Prostaglandin metabolism in the body what is a hand brake on inflammation, but on the other hand, the protection of Mucous membranes loose. The same is true for these substances, when administered by injection.

Gastritis in combination

Sometimes can occur not only one but two of these forms of chronic Gastritis at the same time, for example, if the chemically-reactive type C Gastritis is still an infection with the Helicobacter pylori comes.

No Smoking, alcohol, and coffee involved directly

Stimulants like Smoking, alcohol, coffee, play in the pathogenesis of a chronic Gastritis, a rather minor role. “Coffee has to do with the inflammation nothing, alcohol is not available in conjunction with the acute Gastritis and Smoking only leads to an increased production of gastric juice and acid, but also to a General lack of blood supply, also of the gastric mucosa, delaying the healing process of lesions,” notes the expert. These factors are involved more indirectly.

Due to intermittent stomach-ulcer – complications of Gastritis, which can be life-threatening

An inflammation of the stomach mucosa seems to be in front of this Background, although very unpleasant, but rather undramatic. However, this is a fallacy. It can cause partially life-threatening complications with massive damage in the stomach and stomach bleeding.

Especially in the case of type B – and type C Gastritis, the mucosa can get lesions, i.e. erosions and ulcers (gastric ulcer). However, this is not a “self-digestion of the stomach”, as is often written, but “the mucous membrane loses its protection, developed injuries, which is comparable with a wound – this leads to bleeding,” explains Dagmar Mainz, the emergence of the diseases.

For example, a ulcer may start to bleed (open ulcer). The stomach lining is skin-injury in depth, it can the stomach wall to break through. There is a hole, a stomach, a breakthrough results. This can be life-threatening, because in order for a passage to the abdominal cavity is created, which can be an infection. The Tricky thing is: it Often comes at a stomach breakthrough is only the beginning to severe pain, which subsides after a little while the abdominal cavity of infection starts.

Gastritis and stomach cancer – so tight is the connection

Gastric ulcer, bleeding ulcer, stomach breakthrough – and how high is the risk to develop Gastritis stomach cancer? “This connection is so well known, especially with a Helicobacter infection, if it is not or too late detected and treated,” says the specialist. Helicobacter pylori is the main risk factor for the development of stomach cancer. The entire stomach is infected with, at increased risk of stomach cancer by 34 times. In type A Gastritis, this risk is still five times higher than in the case of the stomach healthy.

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    So can be dangerous Gastritis – the alarm

    Therefore, please observe the following symptoms, which may occur in connection with bleeding in the digestive tract:

    • the complaints of a suddenly and massively
    • Blood vomiting
    • black stools like tar (oxidized blood)
    • black diarrhea (large amounts of Blood in the digestive tract to cause diarrhea)

    “Each of these symptoms is an absolute emergency going to the hospital or call an ambulance,” warns the expert. The blood loss can lead to circulatory collapse.

    Stomach discomfort not necessarily clarify

    Stomach everyone should complaints not only in the acute case, but already long before that as a safety precaution, once by a specialist clarify. This means, apart from the warning signs: Always, when complaints over several weeks or “within 12 weeks from time to time occur, is attached to a Mirroring of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum,” says Dagmar Mainz. “The same applies, by the way, if you will feel earlier than previously tired or loss of appetite is,” she also. While this could often point to Gastritis, but to a other stomach disease, in the worst case, gastric cancer, because the gastric wall is rigid and cannot stretch as.

    The most important investigation, the gastroscopy is. It is easy and usually takes only around ten minutes. The doctor inspected in esophagus, stomach and duodenum. He sees it not not only only changes – such as red stripes and spots, swelling, erosions, ulcers – but at the same time tissue samples. Thus, histologically, it is possible to determine whether inflammation, pathogens such as Helicobacter pylori or perhaps malignant cells are present.

    Breath test and stool sample to prove Helicocobacter – what time is it incorrect results may be

    In addition, the stomach germ is via a breath test or a stool sample to prove. Both diagnostic tools have a very safe statement to force over 90 percent. These methods, however, apply only as a control Treatment, when a course of therapy against Helicobacter is already in place.

    However, the stomach warns-intestinal doctor that the test results can be distorted by certain medications. The acid blockers, and antibiotics. A minimum of four weeks prior to the Test, these drugs should not be taken.

    Therapy of Gastritis – when acid blockers are useful

    For the treatment of inflammation of the stomach mucosa belongs in the first line, possibly inducing drugs to omit or replace it, at best after consultation with the doctor. If the Patient is instructed about to the remedy for Rheumatism, “is the additional intake of an acid blockers as stomach-protection is important”, advises the specialist. This is now Routine, for example, if due to orthopedic problems over a longer period of time, painkillers are necessary.

    Means of the choice of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs, such as pantoprazole and omeprazole) are. H2 blockers are not as effective limits of Mainz. And antacids, drugs that neutralize stomach acid, would be suitable in the case of Gastritis, ulcer and Erosion less, “even in the case of Reflux they are applied, because a SIP of water would help as well”, the expert is clear.

    Acid blockers in the criticism

    However, many patients have concerns about taking PPIs on a continuous basis. Various studies have provided evidence that osteoporosis and dementia could benefit from this. The situation is difficult. Because the studies were often carried out with older people, simply because these patients often need to take regularly for pain, and rheumatism in the medium and, therefore, PPIs. However, it is precisely in this age group are dementia and osteoporosis occurred more often, says the expert of the Problem. Epidemiologically, the so not exactly separate.

    However, that PPIs can cause bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine, what is flatulence and diarrhea, is known side effects of acid blockers.

    That is why are currently testing new drugs that are intended to be used primarily in type C Gastritis, if so, the duration of ingestion of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Drugs is the cause of the inflammation of the mucous membrane.

    Helicobacter pylori has developed resistance, therefore, new antibiotics

    The stomach was demonstrated in germ, is a type-B-Gastritis, the doctor prescribed certain antibiotics. “The previously used work warns, however, often not correct, for example, Clarithromycin, and metronidazole”, the Doctor. Unfortunately, would not have this knowledge, nor in General by. You and your colleagues comply with the new guidelines, which propose instead:

    • French Triple therapy with PPI, Clarithromycin and Amoxicillin for 14 days or
    • Bismuth-based quadruple therapy with PPI, bismuth-potassium-salt, tetracycline and metronidazole for 10 days

    Both regimens have eradication rates of 80 to 90 percent. You do not beat, there are still a few alternative antibiotics.

    Self-medication for Gastritis

    But what can we do to be Concerned, even against Gastritis – if not the stomach germ or autoimmune disease is the cause? It may be advisable to avoid irritants like hot spices, Fat, coffee, alcohol. Particularly disciplined people to have been associated with long days gruel diet and tea the stomach back into balance.

    “The inflammation will heal, however, hardly any”, dampens the expert high expectations. Certainly diet the discomfort may reduce, but is not effective against the inflammation. Because much of it is in this context, individual – some people coffee is very well tolerated, others get immediate stomach pain.

    Stress and inflammation of the stomach mucosa

    Similarly, a rating of physicians today, by the way, Stress associated with Gastritis. Constant negative Stress can aggravate the symptoms of Gastritis, the inflammation itself has to do with this, however, is less to. The exception: “When it comes to a very strong release of stress hormones, such as in the case of a burn victim, it can provoke an acute inflammation of the stomach mucosa,” explains the expert.

    Against this Background, it is clear that targeted prevention of Gastritis is only possible to a limited extent. Infection with Helicobacter pylori, it has little in the Hand, as well as the autoimmune disease. In any case, you should not take however pain and Rheumatism medication without medical advice. Do not overload your stomach by too much Fat, Spicy, Sweet, and gallons of coffee. And of course, it is better to avoid Smoking and alcohol as possible and to not protect only your stomach, but to support your health in General.