Mistletoe therapy: effect on cancer, not assigned

For a hundred years, people believe that mistletoe can help fight cancer. There is a clear scientific evidence for the effect remains to be established. Experts warn therefore against cancers with this Plant to heal, keep a maximum of one additional use for useful. In the case of some types of cancer, mistletoe preparations can also do damage.

Certain components of mistletoe, known as Lectins, to be effective against cancer. Clear evidence there is not, however, because many research results on this subject come, according to the DKFZ from studies of questionable quality.

Dr. Susanne Weg-Remers, head of the cancer information service at the DKFZ, says: "All anthroposophic Doctors and the manufacturers of mistletoe preparations in Germany, agree – the mistletoe therapy is not an Alternative to tested standard procedures, such as, for example, chemotherapy. It can only be used as an accompanying and supportive treatment. We recommend seeking advice, the mistletoe therapy without consulting with the treating physician to use."

Mistletoe therapy can also be a risk

In the case of a mistletoe therapy, the drugs are injected, usually under the skin. Many people tolerate this well, sometimes it comes to body but side effects at the injection site, headache, flu-like symptoms, or allergic reactions. Since there are interactions with some anti-cancer drugs, is to advance a conversation with the doctor is important.

In the case of some types of cancer, experts advise even to use, because there is a suspicion that leukemias, lymphomas, renal cell carcinomas, or black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) may change for the worse. Patients with brain tumors and metastases should also not use mistletoe preparations because they may increase the risk of cerebral edema.


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