Natalia Storm was named responsible for the death of Eugene Osina

17 Nov on 55-m to year of life died, the singer Evgeny Osin. The funeral of the artist, who had no savings claimed by the producer “Tender may” Andrei Razin. He spoke about how he believes the Natalya Sturm guilty of such an early death of the artist.

A few days ago Eugene Osina was buried at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow. Andrei Razin has assumed all expenses for the funeral, as the author of the hit “Crying girl in the machine” of money after the death of the left, and the relatives could not financially afford a proper send-off. In the social network Instagram Andrei Razin shared the view that the death of Eugene Osina responsible singer Natalia Shturm.

“I continue to believe that Natalia Shturm responsible for his death,” he wrote.
Andrei Razin believes that Natalia Shturm staged provocation for PR and money. It is known that the singer was friends with Eugene a Wasp. Also Natalya Sturm told me that trying to help Aspen to cope with alcoholism. But Razin is convinced that Natalia Shturm gave Eugene Aspen unknown drugs, and these drugs affected him badly. According to Razin, Evgeniya Osina his girlfriend “poisoned strange medicine”.

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“Against this background, Zhenya deteriorated psychological and physical health, which led to a lethal outcome”, – he added.
The last years of his life Eugene Osin really abused alcohol. In the spring he made a successful attempt to stop drinking alcohol, but the summer took off and left in the bout. In one of the TV programs Osin said that Natalia Shturm slipped him some drugs. This version adheres to and Andrey Razin. Evgeniya Osina unconscious in the apartment found the sister of Albina. The woman called the ambulance, but the doctors could do nothing to help the artist.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that Evgeny Osin has seriously suffered because of his alcoholism.