Nibble cornea is from: dangerous fish can be-pedicure

Small fish, the dead skin cells from the feet nibble? Admittedly, this sounds to be something bizarre – but so-called “fish Spas&quot be; becoming more and more popular. In the case of an American woman, the treatment had to follow: her toenails fell off in the port.

Dead skin with “Doktorfischen" treat

In the case of the pedicure, the feet are in a warm tub with Garra-Rufa-fish immersed in water, which is also called “Doktorfische" are known. The small suction barbs usually eat Plankton in their natural habitat, but if nothing is in sight, take you instead, also like dead skin cells.

There is evidence that these fish remove dead skin. Nevertheless, questions are always nails put back on the safety and Hygiene of fish-pedicures – quite apart from the case of the apostate toes, on the recently in the journal 'JAMA Dermatology' was reported.

Nail growth stopped

According to Dr. Shari Lipner – wrote the report – was the patient a so-called “Onychomadese" diagnosed. This is the technical term for the temporary Stop in nail growth, which leaves a gap in the nail and Fall off leads.

The Doctor saw a connection between the fish pedicure and the total of six months of toenail problems. According to Lipner, the woman had seen nothing that could explain the condition otherwise. The only Unusual thing was the pedicure with the Fish.

To determine although Lipner was able to, just like the led one on the other, she concluded: “It is likely that the wounds caused by the fish when they bite in multiple nail units, have caused the end of the nail plate production."

Something similar was the Doctor not yet known: “To my Knowledge this is the first case of Onychomadesis, with a fish pedicure is connected ist", wrote Lipner.

It was really the fish?

Another dermatologist contrary, according to 'buzzfeed' Lipners Conclusion. Dr. Chris Adigun, a nail specialist from North Carolina, said that she is of the opinion that the woman is another condition called “Retronychie" had.

Retronychie occurs when a nail feels too much pressure and the nail manufacture, therefore, interrupts. This leads to multiple, distinguishable brand layers that can peel off. “I see this quite often in women, the tight-fitting shoes tragen", so Adigun.

In your assessment, fish are not able to be Spas the trigger: “I think fish pedicures are usually harmlos", she said. “The fish can’t get to the nail tissue, because it is under the nail."

Risk for pedicures

If the pedicure for the toes, nail problems are responsible or not: It is clear that fish-bring pedicures risks. You are therefore banned in at least 10 States in the USA as well as in Parts of Europe.

A reason for this: In contrast to conventional pedicure devices to be sterilized after use or disposed of, there is no way to prevent the fish to transfer diseases or bacteria from one Person to another. According to Lipner, there were already several cases of bacterial infections caused by fish pedicures. In addition, studies have found that some of the fish that are kept in pools, wear bacteria.

You should, however, not forget that a traditional pedicure is also harmless and, according to Adigun even more harmful than a fish Spa: “the Trimming of the cuticles causing unnecessary damage. These small wounds to the toes and nails to go around with a high risk of infection einher", she said. “This is much more dangerous than small fish at your feet and nibble."