Number of organ donors is increasing again for the first time

After years of decline, the number of organ donors has increased in Germany for the first time. Until the middle of November 832 donors were registered – more than in the entire previous year, such as the German Foundation for organ transplantation (DSO), announced at its annual Congress in Frankfurt am Main. 2017 were taken out in Germany 797 donors organs, the lowest level in 20 years.

Also, the number of procured organs increased in this year. So far, according to the figures, 2566 institutions from Germany could be given to severely ill patients. It was in 1317 kidney, 245 heart, 286 lungs, 644 livers, 72 pancreatic and two small intestines. “Every single Organ means hope for seriously ill people for whom there are no other treatment options,” said the DSO.

A few donors: the main problem lies in the hospitals

One of the reasons for the positive Trend presumed to be figures of the organization in the public discussion of the small Donor. Alone, the increased attention to the topic have probably led to the fact that “Doctors and Carers in the everyday clinic life, you think more often about the possibility of organ donation and to contact us,” said Axel Rahmel, Medical Board of the DSO.

The low number of organ donations in Germany, mainly with problems in the hospitals to explain – and not with the low willingness of the population. According to one study, hospitals with potential organ donors is much too rare in the DSO, to the possibility of a donation check. As a donor, all of the deceased person in question, suffering from a severe, irreversible brain damage to be ventilated, and in which there is no disease that precludes organ donation.

In addition, the public debate have led the population to more discussions so that the question of a possible organ donation meets the relatives less frequently unprepared, reported to the DSO. Nationwide, approximately tens of thousands of seriously ill people, the organization, according to the waiting list for an organ donation. Every day three of them die in the cut, because the time has not a suitable Organ is available.

Spahn for contradiction solution

The Federal government is currently working to strengthen the organ donation. A draft law provides for, among other things, to reimburse clinics better and the Position of the transplantation officer strengths in the hospitals. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to achieve, furthermore, that the institutions may in the future be, under certain conditions, also in smaller hospitals taken.

The DSO welcomed the initiated reforms. “The measures put exactly where the weak points in the organization and in cooperation with the Collection, there are hospitals,” said Rahmel.

In addition, there is a debate about a contradiction solution that all people in Germany automatically makes to be organ donors. Only those who expressly object to (also represented by members) will be excluded. This regulation could contribute to the view of the DSO that “the organ donation to the life is the end of the matter of course”. Also Spahn supports the introduction of the contradiction solution. So far, an explicit consent for organ donation is required.

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