Number of Syphilis cases rising in Germany

In the past year, nearly 7500 cases of Syphilis were reported in Germany, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). This was an increase of 4.2 percent compared to the year 2016.

Are mainly affected men who have Sex with men. They make up at least two-thirds of the cases. Cases in women are comparatively rarely; 2017, their share was the reported Syphilis-diseases of under seven percent. In addition, people in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich are affected more often than the average.

Many Syphilis patients are also HIV positive

Since 2010, the RKI experts observe a continuous increase in the case of the sexually transmitted disease numbers. In the eighties, the bacterial infection had been pushed back, with the spread of HIV/Aids and the educational campaigns for Safer Sex. Meanwhile, a HIV-infection is similar to a chronic disease treatable, if not curable. The return of Syphilis may have to do, according to the experts with a higher frequency of Condom, abstinence from Sex among men. The come even with changing partners, the report said, citing surveys.

In fact, around half of all Syphilis infected men who have the information have Sex with men are also HIV-positive. One explanation might be that these men are better informed on STDs and, therefore, more frequently for Syphilis testing. In addition, the experts suggest that HIV-positive people are due to their immune deficiency are more susceptible to other sexually transmitted diseases.

Number of cases is increasing worldwide

The Syphilis Numbers are increasing internationally, particularly in Australia, China, the United States, but also in many countries of the EU.

The increase is but in part also to the better trial offers, reported to the RKI. In their Report, the experts underline that measures for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy should be further developed. Also, the use of condoms during Sex is recommended, however, with the note that these may not provide full protection against Syphilis infection. This can also be found on other mucous membranes, such as during oral sex.

As the disease runs

Syphilis is caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. You caught it, you experience the first symptoms two to three weeks after infection.

The disease is not treated, the process takes place in three stages:

  • First of all, forms of gender-a usually painless ulcer that heals by itself organs or the mouth. The pathogen spread but unnoticed in the body.
  • In the second stage, the Patients get a rash and it flat nodules form in skin folds. Often, the Inflammation, are increased in the blood, the Affected have a fever and feel generally ill. The pass usually goes.
  • In the third stage, which can occur without treatment for several years after infection, damages the pathogen in the worst case, vessels and internal organs. Possible consequences, among other things, psychosis, or dementia.

It is so far in the first place, needs to be treated for a Syphilis infection at an early stage. Then a Penicillin is usually sufficient syringe. About seven days later, the patient is no longer contagious.

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