Only half of the two-year-old is fully vaccinated

According to a recent evaluation of the techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is only vaccinated just under half of the children (46.6 percent) in the second year of life, as recommended by the Standing Committee on vaccination. The experts advise in this phase of life to immunization against 13 different diseases.

But: half (49.9 percent) of the children are at least immunized to the part you have received all the recommended part of vaccinations, but at least one or several of them. Only 3.6 percent of two year olds were not at all vaccinated, according to TK, the data of about 104,000 in cash in insured children has been evaluated.

“If children receive all necessary vaccinations, they are not immunized safely,” warns cash-in-chief Jens Baas. The part of the vaccinations could be easily remedied, without the vaccination course should start from the beginning.

The vaccination rates differ depending on the pathogen. Against diphtheria, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae b), measles, Mumps, whooping cough, rubella, and tetanus you are between 81 and 82 percent. Completely against chickenpox only 75 percent of two year olds are vaccinated against it, and against rotavirus, only 60 percent are immunized.

Mandatory vaccination is a “last resort”

According to the Erfurt psychology Professor Cornelia Betsch, there are “many practical issues” to Vaccinate. “Most people are not impfbereit – but Vaccinate often enough,” says Betsch, the researches impfentscheid payments. Adults is also often not known, or when you should be vaccinated.

A vaccination stops Betsch, as well as the health expert Gerd Glaeske of the University of Bremen for the “last resort”. With the introduction of a partial compulsory vaccination voluntary vaccination might appear less important or of impfkritischen people more likely to be omitted, says the expert.

Glaeske holds more clarification is necessary. “It should be clear to all that it comes to the health of the community,” he said. 1. March 2020 is to come from the measles vaccination.