Patient experiences of physician by video unlock, is that he dies soon

It is a case that will leave you speechless: In the US, a severely ill man has learn by video unlock, that he must soon die. Ernest Quintana drove in last week in a hospital in Fremont in the U.S. state of California just to visit his granddaughter Annalisia Wilharm, as a robot with a screen in the hospital room. A switching doctor told the sick man that his lung failure and he would not return home. A day later, the 79 died-Year-old.

“We knew this was coming and that he is very sick, but nobody should be delivered this news,” said Wilharm the TV station KTVU. “A human would have to come.”

A friend of the family wrote on Facebook, “robot-doctor” could be sufficient in some cases, “but, to tell a man that he will die”.

Clinic supports families condolences

The Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, where Quintana was treated, said the families his condolences. The clinic is not pointed at the same time, however, that the term “robot” was correct, because it was the type of treatment to have a Live conversation with a real doctor and is always a nurse or another doctor in the room should be.

This type of telemedicine does not replace, but the personal interview with a patient and his relatives, said the hospital. She regretted the procedure in the case of Quintana’s.