Patient must participate in the costs for a broken breast implant

A patient with a cracked breast implant must participate in the costs of the necessary treatment. The country has decided social court of lower Saxony-Bremen in the case of a 46-Year-olds (AZ: L 16 KR 324/18).

You had the beauty surgical Operation as a private treatment. Six years after the procedure, it had come to the cracks of an implant to a breast infection. The woman then had to have their implants replaced with new ones that paid you also private.

The cost for the collection: 6400 euros

The cost for the removal of the old implants, in the amount of 6400 Euro was first and foremost to the health insurance Fund. These, however, urged by the woman’s 1300 Euro, because the law diseases, a cost-sharing at follow-up after aesthetic operations necessarily provided.

The 46-Year-old unconstitutional. They argued that the health insurance companies would assume the cost of treatment for sports-, leisure-, or Sexunfällen. In addition, the societal pressure to present themselves in a pretty, sexy and desirable waxes. Deviations would be perceived as a flaw, and mental impairment.

The judge did not follow the line of reasoning. The solidarity principle of health insurance is not limitless, said a spokesman for the published on Monday judgment. The cause of the disease was arbitrary changes of his own body.

The legislature has regulated appropriate exceptions in the case of aesthetic operations, tattoos and Piercings. The decisive factor is solely that the treatment was not medically necessary. This was constitutionally permissible to protect the community of solidarity in front of unsolidarischem behavior of an Individual. Necessary operations, such as after cancer, were not affected.

In 2010, there was a medical scandal of defective breast implants produced by French manufacturer Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) had for years used a non-approved silicone gel for breast implants. According to estimates, the reißanfälligen silicone cushion could be used all over the world in hundreds of thousands of women.