Pharmaceutical company receives approval for the most expensive drug in the world

The Swiss pharmaceutical group Novartis has received US FDA approval for a Gene therapy, with a price of two million dollars per dose, the most expensive Drug in the world. The FDA approved on Friday the use of Zolgensma in children under two years of age for the treatment of the genetic disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This leads to a progressive atrophy of the muscles and to an early death, usually before the second year of life or to life-long disability.

Nice longer there is a discussion about the extremely high cost of novel Gene therapies. Luxturna, a medium that is a rare Form of cures of hereditary blindness, for example, costs $ 850,000. A different product from the Novartis group, the preparation Kymriah to heal with a single-dose leukemia, fails with 475.000 dollars per gift to beech. But so far only a few funds have broken the limit of one Million dollars.

Now, the discussion on the cost of Gen sets in therapies again. First of all, the high cost of Zolgensma were also licensing procedures in the USA on the resistance of the authorities encountered. However, Novartis argued, apparently successfully, would need the application to save the life of patients who otherwise, on long-term treatments with a cost of several hundred thousand dollars per year.

The price spiral shows up

Novartis joins Biogen in competition to the Spinraza of the U.S. biotechnology company. This Medicine needs to be administered every four months, fails in the first year of Treatment with 750,000 dollars to beech and, in consequence, with more than 375,000 dollars per year. Novartis had provided for the now in the United States approved means least, a price range of 1.5 million to five million dollars in the room. Zolgensma belongs to the Repertoire of Novartis, for the Swiss group in 2018, the Chicago-based company AveXis bought for $ 8.7 billion.

Novartis provides health insurance because of the high price for the drug, according to their own information rates payments. The group also claims that the market price of the drug would be at half of the actual value. Critics say that such statements are part of a long-term strategy of the pharmaceutical companies, to accustom the Public to the extremely high price of Gene therapies.

The muscle disease, spinal muscular atrophy occurs in approximately one in 10,000 live-born babies. Experts estimate a Refinitiv survey shows that on average that the group can generate with the funds until 2022 sales of two billion dollars. Biogen to trust you with Spinraza revenue of 2.2 billion dollars after it was 2018 1.7 billion. The Swiss Novartis ‘ rival Roche is working on a drug against the disease. Novartis expects this year with a permit in Europe and Japan.