Pharmaceutical researchers: the First studies on the effectiveness of take months

The President of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM), Karl Broich, is expecting in three months, with the first study results for the treatment of Covid-19. Until then, data from two large studies on the substance Remdesivir in Germany would be expected with medium-heavy and heavy-diseased patients, said Broich in Berlin. Remdesivir was originally developed against Ebola infections.


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Overall, there was some success at the end of therapy approaches, promising Broich said. So clinical trials are ran to different doses of hydroxychloroquine. It is a malaria drug, the active ingredient in a considerable side effects are however.

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Broich stressed, it would be lowered into the pandemic, have no Standards when it comes to the medicines authorisation in the case of special authorisations, such as for mouth protection masks. However, the BfArM edit, in the meantime, priority tasks with Covid-19-reference. It is important to check the ingredients on efficacy and tolerability. It should provide a clear scientific results, whether accelerated approval is possible – it was not a question but to special arrangements due to Corona, – said Broich.

A report of the “mirror”, it’s supposed to be in Chicago in clinical trials promising results with Remdesivir come. Accordingly, many Corona, patient apparently in a hospital on the active ingredient. 125 Corona-patients almost all had been able to leave the hospital. From an independent source, the results have not been confirmed yet, however.

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