Pinworms in children: there is No reason to panic

Small children are infected most frequently with grub worms: explore the world with the mouth and can record, for example, by earth, Sand, or contaminated toys, pinworms. The infection is harmless, but the infection should be immediately treated because it is contagious.

Infection with Ascarides is not uncommon: are Estimated to have affected 40 per cent of Five – to nine-year-old, in the German children’s doctor’s offices to be featured weekly for up to five children because of suspicion of infections.

Noticeable infection is often due to night itching in the Anal and vaginal area. Discover parents when changing Diapers or panties, small worms, there is no reason to panic. However, the affected child should be presented quickly to the doctor. In girls, the risk that the worm infects the female genitalia, and there is an inflammatory response triggers is. In the case of very heavy infestation can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and Nausea, in rare cases, inflammatory processes in the intestinal wall.

Medication that right hand

For the treatment of the recipe can be used free of active compound, Pyrvinium for children from one year. In the case of the administration of Pyrvinium, a dye, coloring the stool a bright red, and textiles not far &ndash can be formed; Parents should not get a fright and think that it is blood in the urine. The children are younger, parents should worm preparations only apply in consultation with the doctor. For the Little ones there is a pharmacy on site, a Suspension that must be shaken before use and mixed with fruit juice can be. Further preparations with active ingredients such as Pyrantel, albendazole and mebendazole are prescription.

Angehörige mitbehandeln the same

A drug treatment is necessary, even if the pinworms and eggs die off after a few weeks. Because without a therapy, it is a new infestation by ingestion or Inhalation of remaining eggs in the environment. Therefore, all infected patients &ndash should; Siblings and parents included – the therapy on the same day to begin and at least once after two weeks, repeat. A third resource, after a further two weeks can be considered in order to capture all of the stages of development of the worm.

The eggs of the pinworms stay in cool, damp conditions for up to three weeks of infectious. Therefore, at the beginning of treatment, also bed linen, towels, clothes and cuddly animals at 60°C should be washed. Sleeping rooms are thoroughly cleaned by mopping, door handles and sanitary facilities, and toys with hot water cleaned. The use of disinfectants is not normally necessary.

Regular and thorough hand washing with soap is one of them, also cut finger nails are recommended for short. Small children are wrapped closely to avoid additional Scratching in your sleep. In addition, each family should use a member of his own towel.

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