Protection against the Coronavirus: what you should consider when thorough hand washing

You should wash your hands initially does not sound super trivial, it is actually because there are some things you should note. It starts with the fact that it moisturizes the hands. Then takes the soap and begins the hands to lather. First, the palm, and the high surfaces, then the back of the hand, also to the wrist.

It is important, the hands of a truly comprehensive “honey-baby” and also the thumb. And, often forgotten, are the fingers in-between spaces, the lather thoroughly. Popular is also, for example, to forget the Points on the fingertips and under the fingernails. You can also clean once more, separately, by rubbing the surfaces of the easily in the hand.

And real Soap lasts for about 20 to 30 seconds. You should also take the time to do it. And then after the hands are washed under running water again. And if you are now on the road, in public bathrooms, for example, you can take as disposable towels.

It is also important that you dry your hands thoroughly.

Or if you are at home, you can also use a towel of your own.

It is also important that it is clean and dry. And for guests you can also put guest towels in the bathroom.