Psycho test: Which is the Corona type are you?

One thing is clear: Each of us has is currently struggling with the burdens and restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, not every person is the same with the crisis. In the context of a scientific Online project of the University of Cologne with the Startup Psaichology you can find here, what your personality reveals about your individual way of dealing with Corona – the Test takes only about three minutes, and gives you concrete tips on how you can cope with the challenges better.


Expert warned of this years ago before Corona: “We all shake this virus from their carriers”

Corona-personality test: how to!

It is a Online Test about your personality that you don’t rate on a scale of “true at all” to “Applies strongly”. If you have answered the questions, you can on the one hand, a General description of their personality dimensions display and on the other hand, read how people with your personality traits better with the Corona-crisis can deal with it. You will learn how to, for example, the precautions are not adhered to in spite of the easing, still better, in order not to endanger themselves and others and to prevent a further sharp rise in the infection crisis. Because this is a task that we must cope with all of us together!

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With Artificial intelligence more quickly to meaningful results

The personality test of the chair of social psychology at the University of Cologne under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Glöckner in cooperation with the Startup Psaichology has been developed and supported by psychologists. Unlike many of the other personality analyses, participants do not have to answer hundreds of questions, but with the help of artificial intelligence a few questions to get psychologically sound advice.

Personality dimensions in psycho test

Even if we are talking input from the Corona, or personality types, are not individual specific “types” that can come out in this Test. Rather, it is displayed in the areas of Neuroticism, Extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness, as you describe yourself in comparison to others and what that means exactly for your own personality. These are the five main dimensions of personality according to the so-called Big Five or Five-factor model.

The Test displays so that, for example, whether one is more, less, more, or, on average, extroverted, conscientious, or open to, whether it is prone to Anxieties or uncertainties, or how considerate and helpful to others is to you. And this is what they have, even as a concrete percentage: so if, for example, values higher than 90 per cent of the population. This crisis is very individual challenges, for which you can get in the results of the Tests for concrete solutions to arise in the context of the Corona. And the Best part: For a General, psycho jumps out directly in a logical personality, in-depth and completely free analysis here.

If you make the Corona trial, it may, in part, to slightly longer load times. Psaichology and the University of Cologne have increased the server capacity already, but due to the high demand, the artificial intelligence behind the psycho test, in particular, comes sometimes to their limits. Because it is not a simple, once-a-prepared questionnaire. Rather, the real-time responses are compared with the experiences of the AI, and the results so by a co-System more accurate. So it may come in the course of the test to slightly longer load times. You still remain on it, it goes on and will be worth it – promise!

Important note: The self-test does not replace a medical diagnosis. You should be beaten for a long time, low and lacking in motivation, feel or have the feeling that with the current Situation can not cope, you should talk about it with your doctor.

Who needs advice or help, you can place uncomplicated with our coordinating star pastoral care contact. Kathrin Contzen, Coach and trained in crisis intervention, is on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday between 16 and 18 p.m. can be reached by phone – the number is: 0172/1390173. In addition, sifted and edited in a day, seven days a week between 9 and 20 at E-Mails. The address is: [email protected]

In acute crises, you can get around the clock telephone counseling contact: you can contact them at the phone number 0800/111 0 111 or 0800/111 0 222.

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