Reasons for your back pain and what you can do about it right now

Especially acute back pain, want to quickly be alleviated. But what are the therapies for the people suffering in the German sense, of what experts advise, and when you should go to the doctor? If surgery is necessary, there are new therapies that are intended to be especially gentle.

In the case of other diseases it is called so, or similar: Every Fifth, or third, or Fourth is affected. Back-to-back the around is a pain the other way. They are so common, that it is said that only one of every five living in Germany adult has a never back pain. All of the other, and thus by far the great majority of people have experienced acute or chronic back pain. Children are always more likely to be affected, already a six-year-old “have the back”, such as studies disclose.

What is the pain of guilt to the back

Especially with acute low back pain the anxiety, it could be something Bad behind it reports many of the Affected. But this is the exception rather:

Serious diseases, such as rheumatism or cancer are just a pain to be less than one percent, the trigger for the back, as the German pain League emphasized.

Herniated disc, narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis), or a sliding vortex’re just a pain in approximately five percent behind the back.

By far the largest part of the back pain has no pathological cause. It is, therefore, a functional or non-specific back pain, which are often the result of unfavorable behavior or life change.

SSH – the largest back enemies, Sitting, Stress, and phone

The main causes of non-specific back are Sit pain lack of exercise and constant. As strong risk factors long to read, tap, Swipe, and phone Calls with the Smartphone in many more hours. Cervical and thoracic spine are “frozen” literally.

Similarly, Stress and other mental burdens. An example: anxiety, Stress, and grief cause us to pull involuntarily, the shoulders, the head and the back stiff – involuntarily, we thus form a natural shield against blows. Studies have shown that pain is a close connection between psychological factors and back.

Tension often have no demonstrable cause

These incorrect postures, lack of exercise, often accelerated by excess weight, which presses on the joints, intervertebral discs and nerves that cause tension to painful. Tendons and ligaments are shortened, others are over-stretched, fascia, and muscles are hard. The narrow areas where the spinal nerves emerge from the vertebral bodies, narrowed in addition. The tension irritate the respective nerves that react with pain signals.

A statement, so the definite cause for this Form of back pain, do not often find. Because most of us have times of Stress, exercise too little, suffer from a depressive mood, bring a little too much on the scale. Whether and to what extent, especially acute back pain arise from the fact that you can’t. Therefore, the doctor speaks in this context of non-specific back pain, which accounts for around 85 percent, the bulk of this complaint form.

First aid in case of non-specific back pain, relaxation, heat, pain relievers

Previously, it was in the case of back pain usually: take it easy, avoid any movement that hurts. Of this Council, the Doctors are off today. Because every day longer in the posture of the complicated Interaction of muscles, Tendons and ligaments in the back can charge more, and literally distort. Bed rest is not recommended in the current guidelines for the treatment of unspecific back pain.

Emergency measures in case of acute Stress (for example, “witch-shot”):

  • They are not all of a sudden, lean on the table or armrests. If you are to stand to the side.
  • Stage storage: store On a flat surface in a relaxed lie on your back, the drop leg on a pillow/cube/chair so that they form with the upper thighs to a 90-degree angle.
  • Hot showers
  • Hot water bottle, a cushion to the pain-body, at the end of 15 minutes the heat and let it work.
  • Painkillers, such as Paracetamol, Ibuprofen or acetylsalicylic acid – prolonged intake only after consultation with a doctor

What the experts recommend – and what is not

In addition, the current guidelines suggest the following additional treatments:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Relaxation techniques such as Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)
  • Acupuncture, which is paid in connection with back pain by many health insurance companies

Other well-known therapies, experts advise pain from non-specific back against it, such as:

  • Interference current therapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Short-wave diathermy
  • Magnetic field therapy

Osteoarthritis and joint inflammation: causes of specific back pain

But how it looks in contrast to the non-specific back pain with the specific? Is affected by the relatively small group of patients whose back pain is on account of proven illness.

This is usually related to problems in the facet joints, the joints are the small vortex. In addition, intervertebral disc damage can be caused, and the exiting spinal nerves come under pressure.

Causes of this joint, intervertebral discs and nerve problems, and thus specific back pain are about (ranking according to frequency):

  • Osteoarthritis, i.e. wear and tear
  • Arthritis, chronic joint inflammation
  • Disc herniation or protrusion
  • Stenosis (Spinal Canal Narrowing)
  • Osteoporosis with vertebral collapse
  • Sliding vertebrae
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Scoliosis
  • malignant Tumor

When you need to see a doctor – the seven warning signs (red flags)

There’s no question that back pain straining extremely, especially when every movement hurts, even Turning over in bed or daily hygiene routines for example after using the toilet. However, as the Affected one will notice if it is non-specific back pain that are not immediately medical treatment, claim, or specific, goal-directed, and sometimes immediately should be treated?

As a sign of alarm that the complaints need to be promptly by a doctor to be clarified, according to the experts (Federal health reporting) of the following symptoms, known medically as “red flags” (red flags):

With the blood examination, ultrasound and if necessary x-ray and MRI can be found pain the cause of the specific back.

Treatments for specific back pain

Depending on the cause, the doctor will create a treatment plan. Some osteoporosis drugs that can slow down the removal of the bone a little. A nerve is under pressure, injections-inflammatory with inflammation and/or pain-relieving drugs relief. This pain will be applied to blockages often, if, for example, by a disc bulge nerves are irritated.

New techniques in back surgery make friendly

Only as a last resort, surgery as a therapy option available to you. The most common operations disc operations and fixing/reinforcement for example in sliding vertebra and stenosis. Unlike in the past, large-scale, invasive interventions, for example, on the open spinal canal are often necessary. The surgeons work in a minimally invasive, which means less risk, faster recovery and a higher success rate for the patient.

Disc surgery: The most common intervertebral disc SURGERY is the removal of the disc portion, the stepped forward. So the bulge does not press on the nerve and the pain disappears. A full replacement of the intervertebral disc, if it is completely torn degenerated and, for example, is carried out by a place holder (prosthesis, Cage), is increasingly rare. There is a newer procedure, with about the crack in the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc is patched. The disc can thus remain preserved.

Stiffness: In excessive wear and tear and narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis) can be used with implants such as rods, screws and plates, the affected area of the spine is stabilized and fixed. This is a large intervention. New surgical techniques try, therefore, with the smallest cuts in minimally-invasive along. So about a placeholder can take the pressure. A tiny Screw, the bond between the two is used Vertebrae. In addition, the surgeon extends the nerve exit holes on the side of the vertebral canal.

Surgery for back pain in the criticism

However, experts have criticized for years that back surgeries have a disproportionately increased. As a result, around 45 per cent more were within the last 15 years lockungs and stiffening made to be handles in a year, nearly 800,000 operations. Surprisingly, in some regions of Germany, twelve times more often in surgery than in others, according to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation reveals.

Thus, the question arises as to whether for surgery for back pain in fact, according to strict medical standards, it was decided.

Back operations on duration is often not successful

In addition, the practice has shown that the success of the operations is often binding. So, for example, moved to a stiffening in the course of time, the adjacent vertebrae and facet joints. Actually understandable, Because the massive Bracing, often for decades, and often the cause of joint problems is not eliminated by the OP, finally.

In the first place also specific back should be in pain therefore treated conservatively, with pain – and inflammation-relieving ingredients than the tablets and/or injections, physical therapy and physiotherapy. Even herniated discs trigger so that the tendency, at the latest after three months of hardly any complaints. Only in the least-it is a real medical emergency – for example, if one of the Red flags-symptoms, about urinary and fecal incontinence.

Conclusion: to stay In motion, and the back by Training strengths are ultimately the best measures for the treatment and prevention of low back pain. Because of the nature of the muscle – tendon composite in the back, neck, chest, abdomen, arms and legs is designed in such a way that he is training well and strong – like a flexible corset of the spine no longer helps, even if the intervertebral discs, vertebral bodies and facet joints function optimally.