Remember the Escape Hour Experience

The experience of being inside the Escape Hour escape room is one of a kind. You are not going to experience anything like it anytime soon. You can bet that they did a lot of things to make it as unique as possible. The creators of Escape Hour are aware that there are several copycats all across Edmonton and Calgary. However, they want to make sure that players would remember a lot more other than putting their belongings inside the locker room. They must remember that is for their safety. They may lose track of their belongings in the middle of the excitement while inside the exit game.

There will be a ton of unforgettable characters aside from the ones who are playing the game with you. You can bet some expert production designer was behind designing the room as it looks like how it is right now. Since there are no photos allowed inside, the only thing you can do is to take picture of your reactions after the game is over. You will either complete the mission or fail. You better hope it is the former so that you will remember how you did it for a long time. No matter what the result is, you will likely go with other escape rooms Edmonton in the future.

If you do complete the goal presented to you by the person talking on the monitor, you know you would want to celebrate afterwards. The last thing you will probably talk about is what happened because after a few days, you will end up forgetting about it. If you have yet to experience Escape Hour, you are missing out on a lot because it is something that will give you a topic to talk about for a while. It could even be something you can take your date to when you ran out of ideas.

Yes, you can be as small as two people inside the escape room. When you do make it out then your date will be pretty impressed. Of course, girls are always impressed by wise guys. If you don’t, then that is another story. There is a huge chance you may not want to talk to that person again for quite a long time. It is all good though because you tried and that is what is important. You will probably get traumatized by what happened but try it again anyway.