Save money at the pharmacy: co-payment exemption request

Who needs to be permanently on medication, under certain circumstances, the co-payment exempt. There is a maximum limit up to which the prescription charge must be made. The country’s chamber of pharmacists, Hessen points. With the payment calculator on you can check whether you can make the payment free.

From the age of 18. The age of need to all by law, a co-payment Insured persons pay their health insurance, if you are in need of medicines, therapeutic AIDS and appliances or travel expenses, hospital treatment or rehabilitation measures may apply. In the case of medicines, co-payments amount to ten percent of the price, but a minimum of five euros and a maximum of ten Euro.

Exemption application at the health insurance Fund set

A request for the exemption of co-payments can provide patients with the health insurance, when you reach the so-called load limit. This is based on the gross income of a family, such as, for example, salary or pension and, thus, is individually. In the case of the chronically ill, the limit is one percent. Information about who is classified as a chronically ill, obtained from the family doctor or the insurance company.

For patients who must regularly make additional payments, over the limit, it is also possible, the corresponding amount in advance – so this month – to pay for the health insurance Fund, in order to get immediately to the beginning of the year, the exemption and to eliminate the need to Collect receipts.

Unterstüup by the pharmacy

If the co-payments have reached the personal load limit, will prove in the case of the health insurance Fund together with the Income and the Receipts for payments co-payments, a request for co-payment exemption for the current year. At the time of receipt creation, it must be observed that it shows always the name of the Insured. The health insurance company, after examining a certificate. When you Collect the co-payment receipts the local pharmacy to assist. "If patients have a master of pharmacy and a customer card and with the storage of your medicines data are in agreement, can erstellen&quot this pharmacy at any time, a collection of co-payments; so Funke.

Between the payment and the payment differ

To distinguish from the co-payment is the so-called Supplements are. The price of a drug is above the fixed amount reimbursed by the health insurance Fund, do not need to be paid by the Patient only the copayment, but also the difference between the fixed price and the actual price. This difference must be of a present co-payment exemption provided, similarly, this also applies in the case of children.

For 2020, the updated payment calculator on you can determine whether you can make the payment free.


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