Six situations in which misdiagnosed epilepsy

Cramps are commonly attributed to epilepsy. Many mothers in terror, listened to the diagnosis of the child spasms exhibited a pediatrician or a neurologist just for the fact of attack, without special surveys. In fact, under certain conditions, a seizure can happen to anyone of us.

Today in Ukraine, about 450 thousand people suffering from epilepsy. The world’s 65 million worldwide. Statistics show that 10% of people suffered for their life at least one attack. In our country often put the epileptic syndrome in which seizures can not be, and sporadic seizures a sufficient basis for diagnosis, according to some physicians. But in fact, behind this name hides a lightweight variant of epilepsy, which can develop into a serious illness, so a qualified specialist will determine his diagnosis and only after long observation.

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However, the very epileptic disorder to diagnose is not easy. Foreign studies show that 5% -20% of cases the diagnosis is wrong. Perhaps the main reason is that the loss or confusion and related jerking is not always associated with epilepsy. They often arise because of the surge of electrical activity in the brain caused by completely different health problems.

6 factors that can cause seizures

  • Stress. According to numerous opinions it is the source of all diseases. Seizures resulting from stress, very similar to epileptic seizures. Mostly due to the fact that they have the same symptoms numbness, confusion, seizures and more. The main difference between these two cases, the difference in the electrical activity of the brain. But a lot of cases noted a diagnosis of epilepsy is actually caused by severe stress and anxiety.

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  • Low blood sugar levels. Our brain buff of glucose. When the blood sugar drops too low, causing a condition called hypoglycemia. It is a problem for the organism: the brain is still functioning normally but there is a risk of seizure. Patients with diabetes should be especially vigilant.
  • Heat stroke. All of us since childhood kept saying, shouldn’t be under the scorching rays of a summer afternoon and be sure to wear a hat. Alas, not always possible to adhere to these simple recommendations. And when our internal thermostat reaches 40, it harms the body and the brain in the first place. At higher temperatures it simply refuses to work and gives a misfire, causing the seizure.
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome (withdrawal syndrome). According to an American study, about 2 million people annually in the world are experiencing this syndrome. The brain responds differently to what is happening, sometimes provoking seizures resembling epileptic.
  • Some of the drugs. The largest group among them are antidepressants. Therefore, no matter how trite advice that the medication must be agreed with the doctor, it may save them from some dangerous consequences. Also at risk some antibiotics and painkillers. However, of those that are dispensed by prescription.
  • The lack of sleep. A problem that is familiar to almost every modern man. Most of us a healthy eight hours of sleep seems to be something of a cross between a luxury and a fantasy. But the doctor does not exaggerate the importance of sleep. Its disadvantage may be the trigger for seizures. Medical practice are known cases of seizures of students, who for several nights cramming replaced dreams. Not for nothing is by nature supposed to sleep we spend a third of your life.

Epilepticheskie emergency

In most cases, seizures stop within five minutes. At this time, all that you will need the confidence and peace of mind.


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