“Smoking is really getting out”

In the fight against Smoking, the new Federal drug Commissioner Daniela Ludwig not want Advertising loopholes for E-cigarettes can. The CSU-politician, calls for a comprehensive advertising ban, the Grand coalition for months, negotiated, especially for the protection of young people, in which new products are the Vapor Come in.

With a view to possible new strategies in dealing with Cannabis-Ludwig wants to have an open dialogue. Especially Smoking and excessive alcohol drinking are still massive damage to Health, such as the Ludwig presented a new report on drugs and addiction revealed – even if the consumption is decreasing.

The main findings of the current report at a Glance:

Increasing number of E-cigarette smokers

In the case of tobacco, good developments can already be seen, says Ludwig, who is a supervisor, since September drugs. “Smoking is really getting out.” The percentage of Smoking adolescents has declined in the last ten to 15 years by two-thirds. The consumption of E-cigarettes to quitting them. “This is a Trend that needs to stop,” said Ludwig. Any long-term studies on health effects were missing.

It therefore calls for a comprehensive ban on the advertising of E-cigarettes. A ban on advertising for conventional cigarettes and the heater would be only a “half step”, because, at meeting points such as bus stops and on the Internet there would be then in future advertising for E-cigarettes. “I don’t want that,” says Ludwig.

In the long-deadlocked debate on the ban on advertising, there has been movement since the Union has abandoned its General resistance. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called for a ban, and “an attitude” until the end of the year in prospect. In the last legislative term, a start-up had failed. Now it is a question of restrictions on outdoor advertising and cinema to expand. It is unclear whether only the classic tobacco products are not advertised will be allowed, or whether the ban, as the SPD enforce it to – also for E-cigarettes is valid.

Cannabis: “it’s not that easy”

Ludwig wants to come to an end, “ideological debates” and, instead, with representatives of all the different positions into the conversation. The a the full force of the law, the other for legalization. “But there will be,” says Ludwig. Therefore, they strive for an open dialogue. This is only useful if it is not determined from the outset to get a result. There was a need to reach young people with prevention and education. Once Cannabis 19 percent of the young people and 42.5 percent of 18 have consumed, according to the drug report – to 25-Year-old.

Alcohol: Better help for children of addicted parents need

Also, excessive alcohol drinking, there is a positive downward Trend, says Ludwig. However, it is consumed in Germany in international comparison a lot of alcohol. Men drink more alcohol than women. Overall, about 18 percent of men and twelve percent of women have a risky consumption. And it is estimated that about 10,000 babies are born per year with alcohol-related consequential damages, in 2000, the impairments were severe.

Ludwig, in particular, better support for children who grow up with alcoholic parents. Suggestions for intention to submit a working group of several ministries in the near future.

Illicit drugs: self-regulation for Heroin demand nonsense is””

In the case of illegal substances such as Heroin and cocaine, there is an almost stable development, says Ludwig. Thus, the number of drug-related deaths rose slightly last year to 1276 people. The were four Dead and more than 2017. The main cause of poisoning by opioids are continued.

The Officer turned to strictly votes against, for Heroin or cocaine to create an own control – so that in the case of small quantities of any threatened prosecution. “It is all nonsense.” An important component to be treatments and materials replacement. Not likely to remain in Metropolitan areas is limited, but would actually be available across the Board.