So important is healthy eating in the workplace is

Who chooses in the canteen rather ungesündere meals, is likely to be overweight and has more risk factors for Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. To promote healthy eating at work, so could contribute in the long term to better health of workers.

Employees who bought during the work healthier Snacks and meals, are less obese and suffer less from high blood pressure, prediabetes or Diabetes. A recent study by the Harvard Medical School in the United States, for the researchers, the quality of analyzed of purchased meals of more than 600 hospital employees in the Cafeteria of Massachusetts General Hospital shows.

The researchers conclude that measures to promote healthy eating in the workplace, have a positive impact on the health of employees: "Of employers-sponsored programmes for the promotion of a healthy diet could reach out to millions of Americans and contribute to obesity einzudämmen", the author of the Study Dr. Anne N. Thorndike said.

Most people spend about half of the time they are awake, at work. Many of them eat in canteens, or buy food at cafeterias. Strategies that encourage employees to choose healthier foods may reduce your risk for chronic diseases. Previous studies have shown that obesity contributes to higher absenteeism, lower productivity and higher health-care costs for employers.

A rethink of the canteen-goers could, for example, be carried out by a traffic Light system: Green for healthy and Red for unhealthy food. "Such simple strategies offer the opportunity to train employees without their freedom of choice to restrict. For the future, one could imagine also to use the purchase data of the employees to übermitteln&quot to you with a personalized nutritional feedback by E-Mail or SMS;, so Thorndike.