Spahn supports cigarette advertising ban

The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) is planning for a far-reaching ban on advertising for cigarettes. “The Numbers speak for themselves: A fifth of all new cancer disease solely to Smoking,” said Spahn of the MIRROR. “As health Minister, I support to limit to proposals, tobacco advertising.”

Especially young people need to be convinced that “Smoking is not cool, but very harmful”. So far, especially Union leaders have blocked a ban.

Germany is the only member state in the EU, in the it industry is still allowed on billboards, bus stops or building walls to advertise for cigarettes. In the previous legislative period, the Cabinet had agreed on a draft law, the tobacco should prohibit advertising on the exterior surfaces of 2020. However, the law has never been decided.

Union discussed compromise on the ban on advertising

Re-establishment of a ban on leaving the Union group tip from a draft of the current coalition agreement. Behind the Scenes of the professional politicians of the Union are currently in talks to find a compromise. It is conceivable, therefore, a novel evaporator of the ban on advertising to exclude.

Actually, the Federal government and the Bundestag had agreed in 2004 to the world health organization to adopt a “comprehensive ban on all forms of tobacco advertising,” by 2010 at the latest. All other EU States have prohibited the Billboard advertising for tobacco products as a result of, most recently, Bulgaria.

Spahn had taken care of this week with a Tweet for excitement, in which he campaigned for “no (more) Smoking” to tumors to prevent. After criticism from the cancer he had apologized via Twitter.

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