Tattoo yourself, pierce?

Some people with a Tätattoo want to stand out, you have to do is insert a Hand and piercing a Tattoo. Why gefäannual Trend is

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Of a tinkering shelves, the other näht leather bags. But Do-it-yourself is längst more than just a Hobby. In addition to Amateur hobbyists, and ­-Designers are now also artisans, whose Meisterstücke läViking holding as each of the knitted Mütze, or the tile in the bathroom.

"Stick and Poke" the Trend in the network, Amateur Tattoos. This is häoften minor characters, such as Smileys or simple geome­tric figures.
The most stinging of the Tattoo using a needle and some ink. ­In the meantime, there are on the Internet, but also to buy Starter Kits, in which a ­electrical Tätowiermaschine is delivered at the same time. The Geräte köcan, depending on the Qualität and performance, up to ungefähr stinging 10.000 stitches per Minute into the skin.

Beware of infections

Ädoctors and experienced Tätowierer warn, to hunt down self-ink under the skin. The adventure carries a lot of risks. "Even if the Kits supplied today, a lot of what you für a Tätattoo needs, will forget the most Important thing always: the ­Hygiene", Michael Frey, T&auml warns;towierer by the Association of German Organized Tätowierer e. V. But the one was supposed to be a Tattoo in the first place. Especially on so-called Tattoo-­Parties can be the cleanliness to the Problem.

Because many viruses, such as HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C are üabout shared and not properly cleaned needles as ütransmitted by unclean Work. To avoid such infections, müshot Tätowierer as well as Hobby engraver comply with the hygiene rules urgently.

In addition to gefäannual infections köcan also other complications occur. As the ­Federal Institute für risk assessment reports, ­some people react to certain ­Ingredients of the tattoo inks are allergic. In General, these include not only Farb­pigments, but also preservatives or Löse and thickening agents. "All seriösen Tätowierer should with certified colors ­arbeiten", Professor Christian Raulin, dermatologist and allergist in Karlsruhe says. "In ­unseriösen tattoo studios find, but sometimes the colors of the car paint materials ­. This can then gesundheits&shy properly;gefämanagement services."

The right layer of skin meeting

In addition to the Hygiene experience plays in the technology an important role. "Amateur pierce the color is usually too deep or not deep enough under the Haut", erklärt Tätowierer Frey. "Grundsäin addition, the color should ungefähr 1.2 to 1.5 mm deep into the skin." You stab deep into the skin, can be the Tattoo quickly stained. Außerdem köcan häterrible scars. The color is engraved only in the top layer of skin, it can happen that the ink verläthe uft and the contours blurred.

Permanently visible, the Tattoo remains, only, if it is exactly between the two layers of the skin ­is introduced: In the Dermis, the dermis is called a store of the tattoo colors permanently. But to make exactly this layer f&uuml is particularly;r the layman is not easy. Because the thickness of the skin, can on the whole Köthe body will be very different. Therefore, the engraving depth must be depending on the motif and Köbody point be precisely adjusted.

Phagocytic cells keep the color in the skin

Why is the color in the leather skin is actually a life-long visible? Grundsäin addition ­the skin renews itself Yes regelmäßig: ­Minor wounds and injuries heal, and scars will fade with time. The üsurprising answer provides a künewly veröpublished study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. It is the macrophages, scavenger cells called that form a part of the immune system that recognize invaders like bacteria or other Fremdk&ouml are;body, to eliminate.

The tattoo gets color in the Dermis, to take the macrophages and put in the layer of the skin to rest. If you später once to die, stoßfrom the pigments, and the nänext macrophages to take. According to the immuno-Aix Universit&eacute lied; in Marseille (France) is repeated this process ­again and again – and the color remains in the skin.

The study not only provides insights üabout the durability of Tätowierungen. You köcould contribute in the long term, to improve methods for the removal of Tattoos.

Dermatologist Raulin has repeatedly patient, the carved motifs läViking on the Köthe body will want to wear. "Black and certified colors are better entfernen", is his experience. Nevertheless, lässt usually only vaguely predict how well a Tätattoo can get rid of. Raulin stresses: "A Tattoo should always &uuml well;be considerate. No one should be from a beer or wine mood at a Party, grooving, but always in a Studio, after a very careful Üreflecting on the day and with a clear mind. Because fashion trends köalso &auml can;change."

The right Studio

Who despite all the risks für decides to get a Tattoo, you should definitely go on the safe side. This means that not even a needle and ink or Tätowiermaschine attack, but an experienced Tätowierer attention. Here, too, it is important, not in the nägo to nearest Studio, but to be informed in advance. Is the Shop clean? What colors are used? Can prove the Studio is a business license? Frey weiß: "Who rules hält, no Problem, to answer his customers questions."

Who is not taking any risk mönights, should be put on the first variant and on the Tattoo without. The köcould nänamely, according to dermatologist Raulin the nämost Trend. "Once all the parents täare towiert, your children untäaround towiert."

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