The German exception is: Why ask the Americans, to die here, relatively few people?

The “German exception,” is fascinated by the foreign countries. After Recently, the British “Financial Times” workers with the question, why in this country, relatively few people die of Covid-19, now devote oneself to the “New York Times” (NYT) and the American business news channel CNBC on the topic. Exactly to the date, as in the long-carefree United States, the Corona-related deaths have exceeded the mark of 10,000. Thus, the Per-capita mortality in the United States is currently at three per cent – while in Germany, with 1800 dead and 103,000 Infected 1.6 percent.

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What is different in Germany?

What questions the journalists, going so different? While the “NYT” has been researched in the whole Federal territory, asks for the channel to CNBC, especially in the case of Karl Lauterbach, the health-political face of the SPD. His judgement sounds at first surrender to fate: “I think we have been lucky, because we were hit by the wave of Infection later than in other European countries, such as Italy or Spain.” In other words: In the further course of the pandemic, the number of dead could rise quite.

Tested positive

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The Heidelberg virologist Hans-Georg feared Kräusslich: “We will see in the future are likely to more severe cases as well as a change in the death rate,” he said Recently, the “Financial Times”. Nevertheless, he believes that there are solid reasons why the number of deaths within limits. Extensive testing is about. As a result, more infections are discovered, the oft-quoted dark figure drops, to be Concerned, especially from at-risk groups, can better and faster be treated. “Early diagnosis increases the chance of Survival,” says Kräusslich in the “NYT”.

Many Tests, many intensive care beds

In addition to many Tests in German have beds in hospitals are also a large number of intensive. Italy, the country of cases with the most Corona-death Rates in Europe in the hospitals of the lowest beds Per capita: 318 intensive care beds are there per 100,000 inhabitants, in Germany, the Per-capita rate for a total of 40,000 beds to 800.

Currently, the capacity is enough even to handle around 200 Corona patients from other EU member countries. Since the end of March, patients from the most affected countries will be included in intensive care units. “We have beds, more hospital, more ventilator devices, more intensive care units. Our System is such an epidemic in a reasonable condition,” says Karl Lauterbach to CNBC.

Prime in intensive care unit

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In addition, both Lauterbach, as well as Hans-wise-Georg Kräusslich, then, that many of the Infected are relatively young – unlike, for example, than in Italy. Many of the first patients had been infected in the Austrian or Italian ski resorts with the Virus, said the Heidelberg doctors, the “NYT”. “The wave started out as a skier epidemic.”

Germany’s greatest strength in the Corona-crisis

With a soft “factors, such as the discipline of the German, which block the Contact and output restrictions, as yet to come”. The “New York Times” also highlights the level of trust in the political leadership: “Angela Merkel, a trained scientist, has communicated during the crisis, clearly, quietly and regularly, as they imposed the stricter social distancing measures,” writes the newspaper, and cited by Hans-Georg Kräusslich with the words: “perhaps Our greatest strength in Germany, the rational decision-making at the highest government level in connection with confidence of the government in the population.”

But there are also voices that argue that the relatively low Death toll is also due to the nature of the count or Non-count. As it is usually the name will not be corpses examined for Corona infections. The Robert-Koch Institute about refers only to deaths in his statistics, “the disease with a Covid-19-in connection”, as it is called. Specifically, patients, and directly died of the disease, as well as with the Virus-infected patients who were suffering from other diseases. This method can of course lead to errors in both directions: Either an Infected didn’t die of Covid-19 or an infection remained undetected.

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Figures and maps for the spread of the Virus, you will find here

Sources: New York Times, Financial Times, BR24, CNBC, Johns Hopkins University, RKI, DPA, AFP

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