The Photo of This Dude’s Broken Toe Is so Gross—but His Wife Turned It Into the Most Hilarious Thing Ever

It seemed like just another night. Influencer Dani Austin was in her kitchen cooking broccoli and chicken casserole (uh yum), when she heard her husband, Jordan Ramirez, scream out in agony from the other room.

She dropped the casserole (not literally; that would be a real tragedy) and ran to his aid. That's when she saw it. His toe was broken, and it was bent at a 90 degree angle. *gasp*

If you're thinking, A broken pinky toe? That's it? Then you clearly haven't seen the photo. Austin documented the experience on her Instagram (in the most LOL-worthy way, we might add), and she sent those who requested it a picture of the toe via email.

Courtesy of Dani Austin

"I almost fainted when I saw it," Austin tells Health. Ramirez, on the other hand, was in shock. "He got right back on the phone and took this business call, so I was the one freaking out." 

You're probably wondering how Ramirez broke his baby toe. Drum roll, please: He hit it on a…door frame. OK, that's the last time we'll be anticlimactic. We promise. 

Austin and Ramirez hopped in the car (Ramirez literally hopped) and drove to the nearest clinic. Doctors gave him some serious pain meds and numbed his toe so they were able to pop it back into place (*cringes*). That's when the Instagram stories started rolling in on Austin's account. 

In one story, Ramirez points to the brace on his foot and says, "My basketball game…I can't play!" Austin made sure to point out he has never played basketball, ever. 

In another story, she asks him what they gave him for the pain because he's acting goofy. "No I'm not. I'm acting normal," he responds. Right. So normal… 

Ramirez has since come out of the pain medication haze, but he may need to get surgery on his toe for it to fully recover. 

When it comes to broken toes, the first thing doctors typically do is pop the bones back into place, as they did for Ramirez. The toe then has to be immobilized so the fracture can heal. This is usually done by taping the broken toe to a stable toe, wearing a stiff-bottomed shoe (which the doctor will give you), or a cast. Then, in some cases, a surgeon may need to use pins, plates, or screws to make sure the bones stay in their proper positions while the toe heals. 

But most broken toes heal just fine, and we're sure Ramirez will make a complete recovery. It's a small price to pay for the Internet fame he's now gained from Austin documenting the whole fiasco. 

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