These 7 tips will protect against Diabetes

A life style that follows the recommendations for a healthy heart, protects against Diabetes: those Who followed at least four of the seven rules, can reduce the risk of disease significantly. This is a study of the Ohio State University.

At nearly 8,000 study participants, it was examined whether the following seven recommendations for a healthy heart also has a positive effect on Diabetes. As the researchers in the journal Diabetologia reports, the risk of developing a disease within the next ten years of Diabetes, around 70 percent, if at least four of the seven following points are followed:

  • The blood pressure, keep in mind: If your blood pressure is in the normal range, reduce the load of the heart, arteries and kidneys and stay healthy longer.
  • The cholesterol value, check the following: too Much cholesterol contributes to Plaque that can clog the arteries and lead to heart disease and stroke.
  • The blood sugar reduce: most of The food we eat is converted into blood sugar, our body uses as a source of energy. Permanently high blood sugar values cause damage to the heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves.
  • Be active: Make this gift of self, as daily physical activity increases life expectancy and quality of life.
  • Eat better: A healthy diet is one of the best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease.
  • Lose weight: If you lose unnecessary pounds, you reduce the load on the heart, lungs, blood vessels and skeleton.
  • If you smoke, quitting is the Best thing you can do for your health.

The positive effects were, however, only in the case of individuals whose glucose metabolism was not disturbed exchange. Dr. Joshua J. Joseph, an endocrinologist and assistant Professor at the Wexner Medical Center at the Ohio State University, says: "Healthy people need to work to stay healthy. You follow the guidelines. Do not wait until the blood sugar is elevated, then think about how you Diabetes can stop."