These checkups are useful

If women know that they are pregnant, before you often a study marathon: ultrasound, pregnancy testing, diabetes, precision diagnostics, and many other possible Tests overwhelm mothers-to-be often – or have to chase them down even a little afraid.

In addition, some of the investigations are taken over by the health insurance, some not, and some only sometimes. An Overview:

What to pay the statutory health insurance?

The maternity guidelines set in Germany, what is by law a Pregnant insured have a claim. “The primary objective of the medical antenatal care is the early detection of at-risk births pregnancies and Risk”, – stated in it.

For this purpose, include, for example, an HIV Test, a Test for gestational diabetes, a chlamydia Test, a Test for Rubella antibody , or tests, to blood group incompatibilities between the mother and child to determine.

In addition, three ultrasound examinations at the gynecologist provided:

  • between the 8. and 12. Week of pregnancy,
  • between the 18. 22. Week and
  • between the 28. and 32. Week.

The studies allow measurements of the body, in addition, Doctors can assess the heart activity of the fetus. In the investigation of the 20. Week Pregnant women can choose between two variants: a basic ultrasound and advanced ultrasound, which captures more data. Women doctors need to be formed for the second Version specially.

What are the insurance funds to pay only under certain circumstances?

In addition, there are even more accurate ultrasonic investigations: the so-called fine-diagnostics between the 18. 22. Week is performed by a prenatal physician – a gynecologist with special training. During the investigation he viewed the body, brain and organ systems of the child in more detail.

“Certain severe malformations, such as some heart defects do not need to be detected in the case of extended ultrasound mandatory, but will be found during the fine diagnosis with great certainty,” says Annegret Geipel, head of the Department of Prenatal medicine at the University hospital in Bonn.

“If such a fault be detected the images early, you can plan, for example, the birth in a perinatal centre in the specialists to take care of the newborn,” says Geipel. Who will not be referred because of abnormalities, you must pay the fine-the assessment of self -: 200 to 300 Euro, the investigation costs.

Also, the blood test for Trisomies in the future, in individual cases, the Fund’s performance. In September, the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) decided that funds will have to pay the Test for high-risk pregnant women under a narrow set of conditions from the autumn of 2020. For self-payers, the so-called non-cost-invasive prenatal Test (NIPT) for around 300 Euro.

The blood test gives a probability that a child with a particular disability comes to the world. This includes trisomy 21, 18 and 13, and a Mal-distribution of the sex chromosomes X and Y. include

“The NIPT is not a diagnostic procedure, but only a risk analysis,” says Karl Oliver Kagan, an expert of the German society for gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG) and head of the Department of Prenatal medicine at the University hospital in Tübingen. In particular, for the Trisomies the Test, but it is considered very reliable.

According to the decision of the disabled associations, however, expressed criticism. There is concern that children with down syndrome in the future, might as avoidable is perceived to be, and parents are put under pressure to opt for an abortion is.

Clearly diagnosed to be able to chromosome disorders only through an amniocentesis and a chorionic villus sampling. A thin Instrument is passed through the abdominal wall of the Pregnant woman, which is associated with a, albeit low, risk for a miscarriage. The funds Finance the punctures only in the case of certain existing risks. They are, according to the 16. or 12. The week – of the NIPT, however, from the 10. Week.

Prenatal physician Kagan recommends that women who want to perceive the NIPT, to combine the Test with a good diagnostic ultrasound. So formations which occur independently of chromosomal disorders can fail also to recognize.

What Tests have to pay Pregnant self?

In addition to malformations can also infectious diseases of the Unborn endanger, such as the toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus. Whether a woman is at the beginning of the pregnancy immune to it, and thus protected, with the help of your blood to determine.

Anyone who is not immune, it can leave the blood during pregnancy repeated new infections, and to examine and in the event of illness take medication. The cost for Immunity tests and controls which are each about 15 to 20 Euro.

Self-payers can also, for about 20 euros a vaginal smear on a B-Streptococcus can perform. The bacteria are found to be Pregnant, she can receive during the birth of an antibiotic through a drip. This prevents the Transmission to the child. “I think this study is very important and recommend it to my patients,” says Dieter tomb, President of the German society for Prenatal and birth medicine (DGPGM).

More cost-acquisitions on request

The professional Association of gynaecologists indicates that almost all health insurance companies many of the medical take on self-pay services – on request. Many funds offer patients a fixed Budget, which you can exploit with checkups.