Tick bites prevention with Repellents

To protect against Lyme disease and TBE, you must tick bites möas possible avoid. How long dissuasive against ticks – so-called Repellents – work, and how they are best aufträgt

Danger from below: ticks wait in the Grass on your host

Claus rich is a pharmacist in ­Nüareas, the the größten TBE ­Risk area in the ­Süthe of Germany. In the Interview, ­he informed üabout his best tips for Zecken­defense:

Mr rich, what should pay attention people, the Repellents against ­Ticks apply?

All skin not covered with clothing, you should großzügig with the means to provide. It Sprays and cremef&ouml are;rmige preparations for the Verfü. You are either aufgesprüht or applied by Hand.

How long schüthe means to protect you from a tick bite?

If you läfor a long time draußen aufhält and, for example, a hike, the Präparate späat the latest after three hours of re-applying. Then you go for sure really. The manufacturers advertise a lälonger protection time. But since ghosts of ticks to the least sensitive Plage gehören, and not so easy to deter as about Stechmücover, würde I don’t want to try.

What are the substances achieve the deterrent effect of the Repellents?

The use of synthetic active ingredients DEET and Icaridin, which irritate the sensory perception of the ticks. Icaridin is my Einschäup to the hautverträthe most pressing, and therefore, for example, also excellent für children over two years of age. A third group of PräPat is working on natüterrible base and enthält, for example, Kokosöl or äfour thousand five Öle. I recommend you hauptsätake customers on a synthetic active ingredients allergic or überempfindlich respond.

It is nötig, according to the ­Application of Repellents to the Häto wash hands?

If you Präthe Council of Europe with the Häthe aufträgt, wüI rde to me prior to the preparation of food for safety’s sake, the Hände wash.

Ticks are in a time active in the it draußen is often warm and Sunny. How do I apply the ­In tick-protection products, when I at the same time a Präthe Council of Europe für the sun protection you need?

The sunscreen First applied and vollstäfully into the skin. After about a quarter of an hour, then the tick-protection products darüber to apply.

Nüareas is located in a TBE-­Area at risk. How schüyou protect yourself against ticks?

In addition to the funds, to ­The deterrence of the tick to apply, it is immensely important in the prevention of the behaviour of the tick. It is an extremely slow animal and moves all the time üon the Köbody, until you have a warm and well-perfused body to blood eyes. This time window I use and search me for a walk in the woods sorgfävalid from. Anschließend, I place myself under the shower.

How to remove a tick properly

Tools to use: best to use a curved pair of tweezers or tick card

Careful from the skin ­pry. Make sure that Stechrükey and Köbody ­­be completely removed

Tick in paper wrap and crush. Wound disinfect. In Wanderröte to the doctor

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