Time out in Advent

You have enough of Weihnachtsmämarkets, carols and gift madness? Three goals in the North, East and Süthe Germany, where they come to rest köcan

Mountains, Wäforests, castles: There are many Möways to escape the Christmas hustle and bustle. Here are the Basteibrücke in the Sächsischen Schweiz

Mystical solitude in the Elbe Sandstone mountains: The Sälater, Switzerland, with its blackboard, volcanic cones and gorges, a Paradise for winter hustle and bustle-Fl&uuml mountains;compressor. Unreal and wonderfully lonely, it is then in the Grand Canyon of the wild East. Wäduring the Naturschöunits between fog or icing sugar snow to sleep, has Hiking trails and view points often für alone.

So thermos in the backpack, warm to wrap up and get out on the winter trails. Like balm, the silence sets in on the Gemüt, such as the light and From in Hohnstein by a lot of forest to the fire lookout.

Glühwein from the stove

After about three kilometers öthe Panorama, the view opens &uuml sweeps;about strange stone formations, the fortress Königstein and many gentle Hügel, which merge with the horizon. Still spektakulärer, but something läViking the gef&uuml is;led Tour of the Active-centre Sälater, Switzerland Bad Schandau: every Saturday at 10 clock, it goes in four to fünf hours to wild romantic views – with fresh Glühwein from the gas stove.

There’s more going on in the village of Schmilka with restored Fachwerkhäusers, Öco-Mühle, organic brewery, and electric cars. In addition, the visitors w&auml can;choose between wagenradgroßen cake by the fire, singing bowl meditation, a sauna, rituals, or a bath in wooden vats. Üin General the Region offers plenty of Wellness-oases, for example, in Pirna, Bad Schandau, or Neustadt. Anti-Stress-salt caves there are, among other things, in Berggießhübel, Königstein and Bad Schandau.

From Rapunzel inspired

To whom is the für a break-the weekend is too much, the fühlt in Rathen, perhaps, more comfortable. The place is located on the Fuß the Bastei is a rock formation with great views, where it is in the Winter, much quieter than in the warm months. Now Rathen is in the sign of the Mämonarch. Fücurrencies give Fountain statues to life, Restaurants, cooking of soup-Kaspar, and Rapunzel-inspired dishes, Fridays glüht of the fire basket directly on the river Elbe.

Escape on the Mini-island: Hallig Hooge

The last part of the journey to a Hallig Hooge promises of peace, solitude and the sea. In Schlüttsiel, about 40 kilometers nöNorth of Husum, on the Fähre. This pflügt then around 75 meditative minutes in the water. A heiße of chocolate or a Teepunsch wäwarm up from the inside, wind and waterproof clothing is ready für your use.

At best it is dick wrapped only once around the Hallig. Zwölf miles, and may be accompanied on the dike between the sky-North sea-a mixture of walking along, Möwhom, and the smell of the salt water. Here spüren visitors to the Lebensgefühl of the Hallig. Of an island it differs by the fact that you, a storm überschwemmt &ndash can be; and this happens in the Winter quite a few times. The residents living at the protection on aufgeschüprovided Hürules, so-called Terps.

If you want to know more about Wind, weather, sea and tide: in the cold Season füthe Wadden sea conservation station tourist &uuml hrt;on the Hallig, or the watts to two kilometers away, sand island Japsand. The national Park exhibition a velvet tide, the aquarium provides an insight into the emergence of the Wadden sea.

Gemüaccidental fries tube

Overall, but now only a few Sehenswülandmark geöopened. The Königspesel, for example, an elegant frieze tube from the 18th century. Century with Holland tiles, Kunstschäetching, Ceiling and Türenmalereien. In the summer, many Tagesausfl&uuml come;gler from the mainland, in the Winter, journeymen usually only a few Stammgäste to about 100 Locals. Many Restaurants have closed.

So: When Hallig-Kaufmann the ingredients für frieze sections (Blätterteig, cream, plum jam) or Porrenpann (shrimp-potato-pan). Then gemüoccasions, cooking food drink, Friesentee.

Off goes here

  • Albstadt: Schwäatmosphere Alb between Stuttgart and lake Constance. Tip: hike to the panoramic view from Zeller Horn to Hohenzollern castle
  • Baiersbronn: Städtchen with the middle, ganzjährig geöopened Wanderhüsites in the black forest national Park and great food, from regional Spezialitäth to Dreisterneküche (hömost star density in Germany)
  • Goslar in the Harz mountains, The medieval old town is a Unesco world heritage site. In addition, charming mountains, a historical narrow-gauge railway, and dog sled tours

Winter Forest The Wonders Of The East,

Thickness weiße flakes in the früMr December, this can happen in the Bavarian forest. Then the mountains in the East of Bavaria on the border to the Czech Republic gorgeous überzuckert – and visitors ströin the winter, mt air is clear and fresh in the nose. For example, in the case of a hike on the mountain Lusen. The winter from the village of Waldhäuser führt zunäfirst, slightly uphill. After about one and a half hours and at the end steeper Stück is reached the barren crest, with a cross on a sea of granite boulders.

Nature is nature

Before it goes to many dürren, bald Nadelbaumstäthe right to decide over. What the visitors zunäfirst of all, unreal may appear to be, is more real than many other Wälder. In the Bavarian forest national Park is to let nature be nature. As here in the nineties, the Borkenkäfer sick of fraß, nothing was done about it, and after that no dead wood is removed.

The reward after about 440 meters ascent: a gigantic, gentle Hügel Bayerwalds up to the Czech Republic – and the stop in the gemüroll call.-the house of protection (in the Christmas holidays every day, in the rest of the Winter at the weekend geöopened).

Who is it m&ouml quieter;want to visit the viewing platform of the red deer enclosure Scheuereck in Zwiesel. Under the Füßen submitted to a nine-hectare großit Freigeläbeaches, is home to around ten impressive deer. Classic winter magic verströthe miniature Rococo Church mt from 1698 with your Zwiebelhäubchen in Lohberg in the Bavarian Eisenstein. The Interior üsurprised with a soothing Wärme and a Glashütte office workshop, furnace and a show room with vases, sculptures and animal figures.

Gentle Töne, there are the pilgrimage Museum, Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut: a Gong from China, a Klangmühle from India, drums, Xylophones. Different panels erkläthe therapeutic, physical and medical impact of the sound. Right next door: the pilgrimage Church of Mariä Birth. It is just in the dark because of the festive votive candles heavenly contemplative.

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