Totally frustrating: So Doctors experience the organ shortage in Germany’s hospitals

Matt, the wife is in bed. To the Right of the medical machines and monitors. To her Left: her husband. He’s wearing a Mouth guard and holds your Hand. A heart-lung machine saves the life of the woman. She is on the waiting list for a donor organ, and urgently needs a lung. Will you get one?

“Hope” is everything what upper doctor Gregor Warnecke, the couple can talk. But to not want much, he make the two of them. A donor lung could not be relied on, “” says the doctor of the Hannover Medical school. At least a suitable donation was “not unlikely”. Before he leaves the room, the intensive care unit, folds his hands and says: “we build now”.

“The need to build” – in Germany is currently more than 9000 seriously ill people who are on the waiting list for a donor organ. It does not mean for you to know if your life will end soon. Or if you get the Chance on a life-prolonging transplant. Germany is the only country that applies for years more organs through Eurotransplant from abroad as it offers. 955 organ donors there were in Germany in the year 2018. Although at least 20 percent more than in the previous year, in which a historical low point had been achieved. But still too few.

Germany – a shortage of organs-country

Guide for decision-making

A medical ethicist about the question: Should I be an organ donor or not?

Why agree in this country, so few people to donate after brain death organs? And how a brain death diagnosis and Organ removal run? These are the questions the documentary “organ donation arises – Now the Doctors” which runs on Monday evening for the Prime time at 20.15 clock in the ARD talk. Important questions to be asked at an important time: this Thursday, the members of the German Bundestag to decide on a new system of organ donation. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) is planning a double contradiction solution. The draft law provides that all citizens are automatically donors to Organ – unless they or close relatives disagree. Due to the Change in the number of organ donations is to be increased. Medical ethicists see the proposal, however, critical, because a Silence on this topic could be interpreted as a “Yes” to organ donation.

Culture of indecision

Author Antje Büll was allowed to accompany for the NDR surgeons of the largest transplantation centre in Germany at the Medical University in Hannover, Germany. 103 lung and 23 heart were transplanted in the past year. The camera traces the path of organs from a potential donor, about the withdrawal to the organ recipients. There are sober images, not values, but rather inform. And cast light on a topic that people deal with hate: of one’s own mortality.

Employees of the German organ transplantation Foundation organise, with the surgical Fabio Ius the Transport of the organs. By plane to the donor lung to Hannover.

In one scene, a physician, Frank logemann intensive testing the reflexes of a patient in order to examine whether brain death is present. A brain death is the prerequisite for organ donation and means that The function of the brain is irrevocably extinguished. A neuro-surgeon, accompanied him. Lodge of man speaks with man, as he was still conscious, and explained to him every single measure He lights him in the eye and introduces a tube into the lungs, a potential gag reflex to trigger. These and other Tests show that the man is dead. He is on a respirator, his heart is still beating. So he would be as a potential organ donor. But his relatives refuse donation. You think he wanted it that way.

"The Spende"

The last gift of a man who had no Chance — a Stranger but a gives

Then, also in the case of a small child who is killed in a traffic accident is there. The child is in intensive care, is in a coma and will not survive. “Below one percent,” estimates Logemann is the probability that the child’s mother will agree to a organ donation. He is right.

Images that stimulate discussions

Seriously ill patients waiting and medical Know-How, on the one hand, organ shortage on the other side: For the surgeon, Gregor Warnecke this Situation is “totally frustrating”. He says: “In Germany, there is no culture for organ donors. And of course, it is true that people make ethical thoughts. But this culture leads to people who are undecided, for example, remain undecided.”

Sometimes the surgeons from Hannover have to travel so long distances for a donor organ. Euro TRANS the Medical University of Hannover, has informed plans that there is a organ donor, whose lungs could save the wing, the life of a patient. Surgeon Fabio Ius getting on a private plane. Hardly the doctor landed, he checks the body, takes it and flies back to Hanover. There, the patient is already waiting. “Emotionally, we are shielded. We do not see any relatives, and come when everything is already prepared,” says the physician. “But I believe that every surgeon should think in the OP again and the donor for the Organ to thank for this.”

“Organ donation – Now the Doctors are talking about” is not an argument to decide for a donation. And also a plea not to do it. But the documentation suggests that the topic and discuss – and where these issues should take place: at home in your own four walls, in the family circle. It may be that this helps the Undecided make a decision. Regardless of how this will be. And yet would be helped already many people.

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