Up to nine days of fresh: So your bread lasts for a particularly long Video

Bread is one of the most popular food of the German. About 60 pounds of them consumed by a household per year. But bread does not keep long. After a few days it is often no longer edible. This is usually in the wrong storage.

Bernd Kütscher from the German bread Institute explains: “the so-called Retrogradation, so the Return of gelatinization, the starch in the bread, the water absorbed.” The water cannot escape, the bread soft and moldy. In the refrigerator and in plastic bags, this effect occurs to a greater extent, and the bread can be after 3-5 days and bad.

Box is ideal for storage of bread

Bread a metal box or a specially coated Baker is suitable to be kept therefore, the bag better. Here, it lasts up to a week. The expert also recommends a bread pot made of earthenware or clay “, The open pores take in excess moisture and return it later to the bread. As a result, the bread remains fresh for a long time, there is no mold and through the lid there is no air circulation, which would contribute to the drying.“, explains Bernd Kütscher

Bread is so up to nine days

The bread is so up to nine days. However, this is dependent on the type of Bread. The more rye and wholemeal contains the bread, the longer it is preserved. Wheat products spoil faster.

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