USA and Ireland reported Mumps outbreaks

In the USA, several universities, Mumps currently report outbreaks. Affected are universities in the States of Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Texas. Across the country there are currently around 1300 cases. Similarly, the number of Mumps disease in Ireland is, already now, the country is home to twice as many cases as in the whole of last year.

Before traveling to Ireland and in the USA a look at the vaccination card, it is worth, therefore, the center for travel medicine (CRM) is recommended. This applies in particular for the exchange of pupils and students.

The reason for the outbreaks is unclear. Mumps viruses are transmitted mainly by droplet infection and direct contact with Saliva for example when Kissing. Items that come with the saliva contact can transmit the disease. As possible foci of infection to the US Unis also shared water bottles and other tableware, therefore, apply.

MMR vaccination

Protection against Mumps belongs to the MMR vaccination. It is part of the of the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) recommended Standard vaccination Programme. Children get the MMR vaccination in the rule to ten months and then again four to twelve months later. Teenagers or adults who have missed the vaccination, they can catch up.

Typical for Mumps is a mostly double-sided inflammatory swelling of the parotid gland, mostly in combination with other symptoms such as fever. The older patients are at infection, the higher the risk for complications. This includes inflammation of the brain, skin and testes or ovaries. In rare cases, men can be due to the disease are infertile.