Virologist Streeck: To fast in the Lockdown went

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck criticized in a newspaper interview that the Federal Republic was passed in the Wake of the Covid-19-pandemic “too fast” in the Lockdown. As a reason for this makes the scientist in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ, pay content) in retrospect, the major concern for the ICU bed capacity of the hospitals, and a “certain pressure” in the Public.

As the Lockdown is usually the end of March imposed partial restrictions of public life, are referred to, should the spread of the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 to slow down.

Hendrick Streeck criticises Coronavirus App

After the prohibition of large-scale events in mid-March, the Infection rates in this country dropped. “The other measures, such as contact restrictions, I would have made from the actual course to see how each of the limitations act, and whether additional steps are really necessary,” says Streeck.

For the case of a possible second wave of Coronavirus infections, he does not assume that the governments would engage in Federal government and the länder to a comparable strong measures. He suppose that it “will always be outbreaks”, but not a large increase. “Of course this requires a coordinated and continuous Monitoring,” says the virologist.

The contact tracing should also be used the so-called Corona-App, which is available in the start holes. Streeck is not convinced of their Usefulness. You would be a “little late”, he says the NOZ. First of all, you do not know, “whether you can contribute something to control in Germany, there is a pandemic,” without going into Detail.

Infected Numbers

The "Heinsberg"-Study: What tells us the investigation of Gangelt and what not

1.8 million – so many people have been infected in Germany, with a Corona of. With this claim, the Gangelt was hyped-study of the Bonn virologists Hendrik Streeck. Our author has looked at the plant carefully and recalculated.

Also at some public places in force the obligation to the mouth, nose and covering the head of the Institute for Virology of the University of Bonn is not convinced, apparently, completely. “People crumple the masks in the pocket, touch you constantly, and strap yourself in for two weeks again and again in front of the mouth, probably unwashed. This is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria and fungi,” explains Streeck on a question of the meaning of the mask duty.

Its recommendations for the protection against infection with the Coronavirus as follows: “anyone Who feels ill should continue to stay home. Social distance in the interior also makes good sense.” In addition, large-scale events should tend to be suppressed, the so-called super-spreading Events played in the dissemination of a “decisive role” – this was one of the findings from its Heinsberg have been study. For a Opening of schools and day care centers, there is from a virological point of view, however, “no reason,” explains Streeck. But: “The decision now has to be politically made.”

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