Walking goat: Spaniards lock in the initial creative

To be allowed during the curfew and get some fresh air, go become some of the Spaniards in terms of Gas creatively. Background: With a pet, the citizens must continue to walk in front of the door. Instead of dogs, which were meant to be in the regulation of the government, as well as exclusively – be citizens, including goats, pigs, and even Canary-birds have been sighted, wrote the newspaper “La Vanguardia” last.

Even a man with a stuffed dog on a leash, it was discovered, as the police Union, Jupol tweeted. She asked people to be reasonable and warned: “don’t Try to fool us, otherwise they will be punished.”

The Catalan police wrote it on the social networks quite clearly: “Neither Canaries nor Vietnamese pigs, or a goat, as we have seen today in Palafrugell, are an excuse to go outside and break the lock. Please stay at home!”

The curfew in the particularly hard-hit by the crisis, Spain was entered on the last Sunday in force and should be valid for a minimum of 15 days. In case of violation, fines or even a prison sentence threatening.

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Spain has so far reported more than 830 deaths. In the 46-million-inhabitant country, the Region of Madrid and other regions, such as Catalonia, are particularly hard hit.

In Madrid and other regions of Bars, Restaurants and shops were closed to prevent further spread of the Virus. In Spain Infected two members of the Cabinet of the government chief Sánchez, as well as the Chairman of the extreme right-wing Vox party, Santiago Abascal. A week ago it became known that the former Nato Secretary General Javier Solana has infected. The 77-Year-old is being treated in a hospital in Madrid.

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