Were test checks silk Tooth and the space between brushes – the winner of the test costs only 85 cents

Between the teeth, you must ensure cleanliness, that’s what you get with every visit to the dentist instilled. Finally, the pages form a good third of the tooth, also collect in the gaps leftover food and bacteria. But how do you get the spaces in between the best way to clean? Stiftung Warentest tested 12 products for interdental hygiene.

The winner of the test for experts

The clear winner is silk, the classic tooth. None of the three other versions – dental floss sticks, the space between brushes, or so-called “Picks” and is made of soft rubber were also able to clean similarly well. The test winner is the cheap Dontodent-dental floss the drugstore chain dm. 50 meters cost from 85 cents, so that you can just a penny per cleaning. As well, the Soft floss of Sensodyne’s. You but costs three times as much.

The big hook of the dental floss according to the test, that very few people apply it correctly. Actually, you should go out with the floss both sides of each tooth gap several times and the teeth, so Polish gently. For each gap, a new section of the silk strand must be used. To cuts instead, with the silk between the teeth, cleans not only worse, but can even hurt the gums. Floss sticks are easier to use, clean but not as good as the Tester. Therefore, they are more likely to practice dealing with dental floss.

Plays no role according to the test, whether the dental floss, treated with Fluoride. The addition strengthens theoretically the teeth, according to the experts in dental floss but not long enough in the Tooth to have an effect. It is different in the case of waxed silk. The wax prevents a shred of silk to close Tooth spacing and can thus provide for a better use. Harmful it is.

Better than yourself brushing?

Stiftung Warentest has been testing electric tooth brush, only one is good

The Alternative: The Space Between The Brushes

Easier to use, but a little less effective brushes in-between space. Because they are used by more people properly, whether from a scientific point of view, however, recommended to floss than teeth, so test. The brushes are therefore suitable especially for the convenient of the users, as well as those that have especially large gaps between the teeth.

It is important, however, to inquire from the dentist the appropriate brush size. The best cleaning results provided the Prime Plus 06 of Curaprox (from 5.90), as well as the easy brush from Dentek (from 3,29€).

The rubber picks don’t want to recommend test. They are easy to use and reusable, cleaned in the Test but in the worst. They were therefore only “satisfactory”.

The full Test is available for a fee test.de.

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