What must note to diabetics in the car?

In Germany, approximately one out of every ten motorists is affected by Diabetes. What patients need to be in order to move safely in road traffic, explained the German Diabetes society for a new patient guideline.

People with Diabetes can cause road traffic accidents than Healthy, provided that you are not having a hypoglycemic episode. "A Hypo means that the driver or the driver ist&quot in attention, perception and vision is very restricted;, psychologist Eva Küstner explained. Therefore, diabetics treated with Insulin should check before every trip and during longer journeys, at least every three hours your blood sugar and to take in carbohydrates, if it is lower than 90 mg/dl (5 mmol/l). This must, of course, the meter and carbohydrates in the range of, for example, grape sugar or fruit juice.

Training to improve the driving safety

The experts of the DDG rates of diabetes training, in which knowledge and skills can be learned, to be sure to deal with the disease and to detect, for example, under the sugar and to avoid: "Studies show that such training auswirkt&quot a positive effect on driving safety;, diploma said social pedagogue Wolfgang Schütt.

Due to Diabetes caused vision problems or perception of problems in the feet and legs can also pose a risk to safety and the Driving ability limit. About patients need to know, and for example with your doctor to discuss the extent to which these limitations affect the ability to drive and whether they can be compensated for by technical measures.

By the way: Who’s manipulating insulin pumps and remodels, the legal consequences and liability claims threaten criminal if a malfunction to low blood sugar, and in consequence of an accident. Further instructions are in the patient guideline "Diabetes and Straßenverkehr" read.


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