What to wear today? The trends and novelties of funds for women’s intimate zone

In recent years, cosmetics manufacturers have put a lot of effort to create tools that help to take care of the intimate area as well as in other parts of the body. Moisturizing creams, female condoms, organic tampons, deodorants and even military all this became available to women around the world. Today we will discuss the hottest trends 2018.

Wet wipes for intimate areas from Lola

These gynecologist-approved, all-natural wipes are the first of their kind , they are biodegradable and made from 100% bamboo, soaked in purified water solution. This means that no chemicals or creepy ingredients do not penetrate vasiliadis. They are designed to maintain the cleanliness of your intimate areas and restore the healthy pH balance.

Organic tampons from Lola

Unfortunately, most manufacturers of tampons does not even indicate the ingredients from which they are made.Part of a conventional pharmacy tampon is incredibly harmful chemicals. It is really dangerous. Lola offers 100% organic cotton swabs that will not harm your women’s health.

Trilogy shaving from Deodoc

We’re not here to tell you whether to shave the hair in intimate areas. We are here to offer the best products on the market at any occasion. Natural oil from Deodoc, which should be applied to the bikini area before waxing, softens the skin and hair before the procedure and leaves a protective barrier. Thus, it reduces irritation and makes hair removal much less traumatic. Just wash the area with warm water, four times to press the pump and massage the oil on your hair. Wait a few minutes before applying shaving foam on top. You will notice that the irritation became less.

The second tool in the set of foamspecifically designed for hair removal in the bikini area. It moisturizes, provides a smooth and gentle shave and leaves it feeling smooth.

Balm after shave soothes and moisturizes the skin after hair removal. It reduces itching and red spots, and a big bonus is the smell of coconut.

Smart menstrual Cup from LoonCup

The company LoonCup received funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign, gathering more than 160 000 US dollars to create their product. The world’s first intelligent menstrual Cup allows you to measure, analyze and track your menstruation as well as your health. It uses flexible sensors to accurately tell you how far the bowl is full, and when it’s time to freshen up. Plus it tracks the volume and color of the liquid, analyzing your cycles. The bowl connects to the application, which you can download to your smartphone. The interface is simple and intuitive.

Oil for care of hair in the intimate area from Fur

This blend of essential oils is antiseptic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. When waxing intimate zanyato ideal tool will help to keep them soft and clean. It contains grape seed oil (vitamins E and A), jojoba seed oil, sage (which reduces inflammation) and tea tree oil (for antibacterial and antifungal properties).

Supositorio Love Wellness

These suppositories are made from a mineral found in sea water, helps to reduce yeast infections only of niskolechko, making your vaginal pH to a normal range. Boric acid pharmaceutical grade can be used for spot treatment at the first symptoms, and as a full course of therapy.

Exfoliant from The Perfect V

The Perfect V launched gentle exfoliants, the product is designed to accelerate cell renewal and help fight ingrown hairs and redness. It contains AHA (lemon, sugar cane, sugar maple and orange extracts), together with jojoba oil to provide softening and nourishing benefits for your bikini line and vulva.

Underwear for menstruation from Thinx

Thinx offers underwear for light, medium and heavy days of bleeding. There are different types (our favorite option with a high waist) comfortable, breathable briefs that are specially made to help you avoid leaks.

Deodorant to the intimate area from DeoDoc

You use underarm deodorant, so why would you not use deodorant for the delicate skin of your intimate area? This luxury brand has quickly become the market leader in Europe, and now takes by storm the United States because of the sweet smell and cool sensation after spraying will not leave anyone indifferent.

Luminizer from ThePerfect V

This highlighter became a hit for a reason: it promises to lighten and to minimize any skin defects in vulva. Vitamin E evens skin tone and prevents dark spots.

Refreshing spray from SASS

Spray this spray on the vagina to neutralize and protect it from odors. And don’t worry about the irritation: spray dermatologically tested and approved by gynecologists. In addition, it can be used even during pregnancy and menstruation.