Where did you get this scar, Jane?

As a high school student, Lucy, was in a motorcycle accident on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You broke a leg, had to leave due to infection, several surgeries. Of these interventions, many of the scar tell today on the skin of the now 45-Year-old.

How to influence your life today? How do they react to other people? The photographer Brock Elbank has met people who have scars due to an accident, a physical attack or a disease lasting. Time they are small, sometimes big, for some, they are most of the time hidden under clothing, with others visible at all times.

Elbank has long been fascinated by scars, they would tell of a Moment or a Phase in the life of a Person. These people have often experienced something that only a few can relate to. “Your scars are, for me, a trophy that you have overcome a challenge,” he says. “You can be an Inspiration for others in a similar Situation.”

Six years ago, the photographer bumped into Margaret, who became ill at the age of 24 to breast cancer, and amputated both Breasts reconstructed. She was the first Person he scanned for his series “Scars”. With their experiences, the young woman is very open today and trying to support others with your experiences. “My scars are for the fight I have had, but they do not define who I am. I wear it now with Pride,” she says.

Elbank shows the men, women and children unclothed, depending on the location of the scar, neck or full body photo. You all give up your injured area, tell the story of how it came to be and what are the consequences associated with it. Particularly unsightly, and noticeable scar may have an impact on some on the well-being, you feel less attractive, insecure or ashamed. The portrait to tell what impact had the scars to your emotions and your behaviour and how you have learned to deal with it.

Because of a malignant tumor in the lower lip, Adele had to remove them completely and re-build. Her life is very affected, you cannot, for example, close during eating and Sleeping your mouth. In order for others to notice your scar less, used daily Make-up. Often you will be asked about it, sometimes she tells her story, other days she says that the other should nothing, depending on the mood.

The 26-year-old Ivan, a Tumor was discovered in the head that turned out to be benign. Many people are interested in the cause of his scar, he had no Problem talking about it. Because of a kidney disease, the 23-year-old Tara donor organs from her father and her stepmother received. Since the scar is hidden most of the time under your clothes, many know nothing of her. “I’ve been Climbing a little skin for a life full of adventure, mountains, travel exchanged. What a small price to pay,” she says.

Suzan, 36, was after a car accident two weeks in a coma, she needed surgery in the face and Arm several times, got dentures, and implants. Most would hesitate to you about it directly, it would be better if you do it. The biggest challenge for women was to accept that the Form and the expression of her face due to the accident have changed. “This has nothing to do with being pretty or not, but rather with one’s own identity.”

Within four months of the Elbank has taken 17 people – in Australia, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Venezuela, the USA, Italy and the UK. In the next two years, he wants to portray dozens of other men, women, and children. Concerned can contact via e-Mail to him [email protected]