Why a buckwheat pillow to release the tension on the head, neck and shoulders can solve

A healthy sleep is important for your own well-being, is no longer a secret. But did you know that there are too few or no periods of rest can be caused in the night by a wrong pillow? If you have any problems with the neck muscles, the shoulders , or the spine may have a cushion to help. Why the grain promises for tension of any kind, but also in migraine relief, we will explain here.

For whom is spelt pillows are suitable and why?

In the jargon, has the Name spelt pillow set, however, is that the correct name is actually spelt cushion: In contrast to conventional pillows with Down, feathers or a synthetic Material are filled, they are orthopedic grains pillows grain filled. More specifically, it is called the spelt-chaff – so the whole grains and its case that are in their original form are very robust and undemanding.

Therefore, is spelled, of course, particularly good for people who have a solid cushion prefer. Its shape contributes to that contained in the cushion chaff free-flowing is. This means that The grains match with every move individually to the head, neck and shoulders of the shepherd. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the cervical spine and the muscles of. Due to the optimal location can also be the blood in the head to circulate –tension and headaches will be equally reduced.

Add to that the ideal temperature exchange of the spelt pillow. If you at night in the head and neck area quickly to sweat, the heat generated by the breathable and air-permeable grains are added and removed. The grain is thus especially on warm summer days, for pleasant sleeping comfort – even if you might still have on the crackle under your head to get used to.

The question then arises, whether pillow with Spelt’s husk also for Allergy sufferers suitable? The answer is, in most cases: Yes! The grains are 90 percent made of silica – a major component of our connective tissue. Since it is hardly surprising that most people tolerate spelt well. Apart from that, the grains are subjected prior to the filling of a special treatment, in the several times to be washed. After that, you are not only dust-free (and for house dust Allergy sufferers), but also free of plastic and dangerous contaminants such as plasticizers and BPA.

Tip: If you are allergic to corn to react, should the spelt cushion with caution to enjoy, and in the run-up to test whether you might be in breach of Spelt allergic.

What should be paid attention to when buying?

If you decide to replace your conventional pillow and a spelt pillow, you should know the following:

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