Without a visit to the doctor: Three simple SOS-Exercises to relieve acute back pain – health-experts

The back hurts, you don’t have to go to the doctor. Certain Exercises help to alleviate distressing Kreuzweh. Physician and pain expert Tobias Weigl explains how you can be against the complaints.

Make sure that each Exercise is on a quiet, deep breathing.

1. Exercise: Level Storage

You lay on a firm surface on the back. Your feet and lower legs on a chair, a water box or the Sofa. Make sure that the hip and knee joints, respectively, form an angle of 90 degrees. Thus, it can relax the muscles, the pressure on the intervertebral discs is reduced and is evenly distributed. The vertebral canal is slightly expanded.

2. Exercise: Supine Position

You lay on a firm surface on your back and stretch the legs. To relax the neck muscles, support the head and neck with a rolled up towel or a bolster. Now put a thick pillow or a knee roll under knee joints to relieve the back completely. This Exercise takes the pressure of back muscles, lumbar vertebrae and intervertebral discs. It extends the vertebral canal, the nerves get more free space.

3. Exercise: Lie On Your Side

You lie sideways on a carpet, the Sofa or the bed. The pain on one side of the back are stronger than on the other, should be the painful side up. Knee and hip angle slightly and place a pillow between the knees. Place the head on your bent forearms or a flat pillow so that the spine remains straight. So the muscles can relax. The Exercise is particularly suitable for acute back pain, affecting only one side.

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