Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev is trying to regain speech after a coma

The star of “Lethal force”, actor Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev, trying to recover from the coma, that was the consequence of serious head injuries, transferred in August. According to specialised publications, the status of the artist improved markedly: he is trying to regain normal speech, which was lost after the incident.

Status Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev told his friend and colleague Sergey Koshonin. As reported by the Koshonin, the actor is struggling to fully recover speech and motor skills. Positive shifts in this are already visible, he added.

A serious head injury Leonov-Gladyshev received in mid-August. After a brief coma, he almost lost his speech: could not say words, just inarticulate sounds. In September, actor Sergey Selin has told about visiting a colleague in hospital, but he “just moaning”. The predictions of doctors about the restoration was the period disappointing.

Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev has undergone rehabilitation courses in several medical institutions, and now we can speak about gradual recovery that further speech therapy classes and massage.

“The man is recovering, showing positive dynamics. He is currently working on the restoration of speech, there is a possibility of returning to the profession”, – said Sergey Koshonin.
According to media reports, the successful rehabilitation of the artist became possible thanks to many caring people. When disaster struck, it became clear that treatment requires a lot of money, and the relatives of the Leonov-Gladyshev was called to help. As a result, they were able to raise the necessary funds.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev suffered as a result of the attack on him.