You can sleep for too long?

Holidays, finally! Parents dream of Children: lie-in to celebrate, as long as the brain is willing to close the eyes. After getting the rude awakening. In spite of the extra portion of sleep, the body is transformed into an inert mass, which is hardly high by the Couch.

Apparently, the body is not properly awake, when we have nine, ten, or even twelve hours NAP. Large-scale studies to long sleepers is worse even yet suspect. Who sleeps, on average, long, will, therefore, significantly more likely to be sick, and developed more back pain, depression, heart disease or Diabetes. Even earlier, the long sleeper will die.

Nevertheless, Dieter Kunz is convinced that too much sleep has never hurt anyone. “These studies have all your permission,” says the head of the clinic for sleep and Chronomedicine at St. Hedwig hospital in Berlin. “You will only often interpreted incorrectly.”

Twelve hours of sleep can be normal and be healthy

Sleep is very Individual. How much time do we spend in the bed, in front of the body. “During the requires only four hours, the other at best with seven hours,” says Kunz. “Even twelve hours can be good and healthy.”

Why this is so, researchers were able to decrypt. “Part of four hours and nine hours sleeper with us side by side in the sleep laboratory,” says Kunz. “However, we are not yet come to it.”

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Crucial to the question of healthy sleep is, how you will feel on the day. “I’m fit, I don’t have to change my habits,” says Kunz. “No matter if I sleep four or nine hours.” If researchers find out, for example, in a study with hundreds of thousands of people that the perfect sleep is 7,425 hours long, and eternal life, it shall only be for the absolute average people. It is similar with shoes: Just because all the wear on average a size 42, does not fit this long each.

Nevertheless, many people have forgotten how to work, Partner and family, to follow their own sleep rhythm. Who wants to find out how much sleep needs to be the body, one should remember, according to Kunz of the times, when he was 20. As long as one has slept then, if you were not distracted?

“In this age the brain is fully developed, and for a certain duration of sleep built,” says Kunz. “The question as to the sleeping with 20 I that is why even a 70-Year-old. The watch although a little weird, but I’m the doctor.”

The reminder is missing, the question can also be used on the present: when I would go to bed, if I would not detract anything? No TV, no book, no man? And when getting back up in absolute boredom?

Why are sleep-in sick more often?

That sleep is so individual, speaks that long sleepers need not fear automatically to your health. It does not explain, however, why they become ill, in almost all analyses so much more.

Researchers have therefore tried again and again to prove how long sleep can damage. Find something you were not, neither in studies in the laboratory, even in studies with people, such as scientists, 2015, in the Journal “Neurology” found.

Today, doctors believe that the connection between diseases and sleep is reversed. Not sleeping makes you sick, but the diseases disrupt sleep and lead to the Affected to stay longer in bed – even if you ancestors of your disease, still nothing.

So, for example, dangerous sleep disorders such as apnea, or uncontrolled movements can lead to the Affected will remain in the morning any longer. This can occur even when people think that they sleep well.

“I once had a Manager with me in the sleep lab, night moves 800 Times uncontrollably his legs and 400 Times woke up,” says Short. “Nevertheless, it is assumed that he sleeps well because he is always asleep again, and nothing could remember.”

The consequences of disturbed sleep, but was noticeable. “The next Morning, it is not surprising then, that the digestion is not yet ready and you do not need to use the bathroom,” says Kunz. “That one is constantly sick, because the immune system is not able to regenerate. And that you can’t concentrate, because the memory couldn’t sort out irrelevant information.”

Long Slumbering can be a warning sign, but only if someone needs more sleep than in the past and still unausgeruht feels.

The fatigue on the weekend

The question as to why many feel so broken still remains, if you stay only on weekends as long in bed, and an extra portion of sleep to get. Some experts suggest that the unusual Sleep adjusted the internal clock.

“It seems so, as if that could bring any deviation from the normal sleep pattern – even the more frequent you Press the Snooze button – the rhythm of the body’s confusion, and as a result, the fatigue of the day increase”, writes about the renowned Harvard Medical School.


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Kunz, sees it differently – and don’t want to do here the long sleep. “You can’t operate the whole week to play fast and loose with his body and then hope that it goes to one after one to two nights better,” he says. “What you realize, then, are often the after-effects of the week and has to do with the actual sleep.”

Only in the case of a weekend activity he, too, sees a danger to the internal clock: When we celebrate a long time, until dawn, go to bed and then sleep until noon. “This is, as you would fly to New York and would have to work the next Morning, again in Moscow to start”, says the Chrono physician. No wonder, then, if you feel up to it limp. After some time jerky, but also the back.

Conclusion: sleep is good for the body, not can much of it you get. That we feel at the weekend, despite long Ausschlafens often flat, is probably due to the aftermath of a stressful week.