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In the quarantined high-rise complex in Grevenbroich (Rhein-Kreis Neuss/North Rhine-Westphalia) were infected, and a further five of the more than 400 residents with the Coronavirus. The results of the mass tests of the circular announced, according to DPA news Agency in the morning.

And in another question, there is now clarity: After forces discovered on Monday in one of the 117 apartments has a body of a man, is now in its identity determined. It was the 58-year-old apartment owner, said the police in the Morning. So far, no evidence of a foreign the investigators, therefore, at fault. If the man to the consequences of a Covid-19-died of disease, is not known. The Prosecutor’s office must decide whether the body to be examined, said a police spokeswoman.

Residents are not held to Coronavirus-quarantine

The high-rise complex in the center of the 64,000 residents of the city on the weekend in the headlines. Eight members of two families living in the building and are shown to be infected with the Coronavirus have not kept according to the authorities, to the arranged in the in-home quarantine. The adults and children have had the details of the circuit, according to still contact to other residents.

After becoming aware of the violations of the arrangement will be determined County and city administration, to a mass-test for the residents and a temporary test station with three tents on the Parking lot of the housing complex built. 377 residents have volunteered to test the remaining 75 were provided by the health Board under 14-day quarantine.

Also, the negative-tested people are not allowed to leave the property for the time being. First of all, the immediate contacts of the Infected would have to be determined. Presumably, the quarantine could be lifted for the rest of the but in the course of the day, said a city spokesman. A total of 115 employees of the Red cross and the health Department were in action at the weekend.

Ill with the Coronavirus

"So miserable I’ve never gefühlt" – these people have survived Covid-19

Chills, shortness of breath, went crazy for some digestion – the symptoms of Covid-19 are very different. However, all Recovering have in common: you are now immune to the Virus. What we have all of them.

The two families have made through their violations of the quarantine requirements of the masses-Coronavirus-Test, are now housed elsewhere. Details of the circle is not called. But it was a place to “ensure that they adhere to the quarantine measures,” said a spokesman at the weekend.

Sources: Rhein-Kreis Neuss, news Agency DPA

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